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I Don’t Mean To Suggest the Montana Standard Doesn’t Get Montana Politics, But…

In an otherwise positive editorial about the appointment of Mike Cooney as Lt. Governor, they offered this analysis:

The electoral math is evident. In order to win reelection, Bullock needs what every Democratic statewide candidate needs — significant pluralities in Anaconda and Butte.

Just carrying them isn’t enough. He needs margin to make up for Republican strength — in Billings, in Great Falls, and in most rural counties. Even Bozeman, which has turned decidedly bluer in recent years, could be tough sledding if the Bozone’s luxuriantly self-financed Greg Gianforte is the GOP foe.

Great Falls? Given that Cascade County voted 55-40 for Governor Bullock in 2012, it’s hard to argue that its largest city is some kind of Republican stronghold. Billings? Well, Yellowstone County voted 48-47 for Rick Hill in 2012, while Billings resident Roy Brown was crushed by Brian Schweitzer in the county in 2008.

It’s a small mistake, but reflects a pretty limited understanding of the actual situation in Montana politics. It’s the kind of mistake having someone like Chuck Johnson around would probably have prevented.

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  • It’s a small mistake that is indicative of a much bigger issue – over-enthusiastic defeatism, based on the belief that Montana deep down is overwhelmingly Republican and only votes Dem by accident. Hence, Greg Strandberg.

  • ” — significant pluralities in Anaconda and Butte” will be helpful but a big turnout in Missoula County is one thing that’s certainly needed. Although Bullock got over 62 percent of the Missoula vote in 2012 with a 70 percent turnout, only 49 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in 2014. That won’t cut it in 2016.

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