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Zinke’s Bizarre Love for Vladimir Putin and Aversion to the Truth

I can’t think of any reason Ryan Zinke would consistently show such admiration for a self-promoting, dishonest autocrat, but he sure loves Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin. Once his Facebook page in October, he offered some misspelled praise for the leader, in September of 2013, he praised “Masterful Putin,” and then, bizarrely critiqued the Obama administration for opening discussions with Russia to avoid our pilots shooting each other in the Syrian theater.

In his interview with The Hill on Sunday, he offered this soundbite at the of another incoherent, inconsistent attack on President Obama:

He said he is the “last person” to advocate going to war. But when you have to, he added, you want to make sure troops have the right equipment, the right training and the right rules of engagement.

“Putin drops bombs. We drop leaflets.”

Of course, that’s flatly untrue. As CNN reported last week, the US Air Force has dropped so many bombs on ISIS targets that the US is running out of bombs:

The U.S. Air Force has fired off more than 20,000 missiles and bombs since the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS began 15 months ago, according to the Air Force, leading to depleted munitions stockpiles and calls to ramp up funding and weapons production.

As the U.S. ramps up its campaign against the Islamist terror group in Iraq and Syria, the Air Force is now “expending munitions faster than we can replenish them,” Air Force chief of staff Gen. Mark Welsh said in a statement.

Hell, even Fox News reported the same. As for Putin, Russia just started dropping bombs in the conflict, many of them not directed at ISIS, but at other groups opposing the Assad regime.

It’s an easy road for Congressman Zinke without media scrutiny. When he can criticize President Obama without regard for the truth, without offering an actual specific plan of his own, and without for the dangers of his reckless saber-rattling, why wouldn’t he keep at it?

One also has to ask this question: if Zinke is such an important leader in the House that he thought he could run for Speaker, and has such vast military experience and knowledge, and such an expert on the Constitution that he understands that Congress needs to declare war, why hasn’t he drafted a declaration of war against ISIS?

Because being a blowhard on Fox News is a lot easier than being a member of Congress who actually does something to back up overheated, partisan rhetoric.

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