Zinke and Juneau Offer Contrasting Responses to Trump’s Xenophobia

Speaking to his constituency, the talking heads on Fox, Rep. Ryan Zinke had this to say in response to Donald Trump’s offensive suggestion that we bar American Muslim soldiers from returning from the battlefield to the US:

“I don’t know Donald Trump, but he said what a lot of Americans feel.”

Probably the Americans who feel that way have been fed the non-stop propaganda against Muslims by people like Zinke, who aids and abets the Fox hate machine at least 3 times a week.

In contrast, Superintendent and Congressional candidate Denise Juneau offered this statement:

Inflammatory comments like Mr. Trump’s do nothing but threaten our national security. Defeating ISIS will require having allies all over the world, and his plan closes doors and runs counter to the values our nation was founded on. I agree with Speaker Ryan’s honest and direct condemnation of Mr. Trump.

That’s actual leadership. In the face of hateful rhetoric, leaders stand for the values we should endorse in this country and don’t parse their language for fear of offending the Fox audience of xenophobes and morons, who fed a steady diet of inflammatory rhetoric about the threat of Muslims over the past decade, are prone to support the most offensive, illegal, and counterproductive policies.

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