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Does Islam Promote Violence? Stupid Question Gets a Smart Answer

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  • But everybody knows that the way to get “Muslim countries” to progress is to bomb them back into the stone age …

    I would love to have a seen a version of CNN back in 1015, when the seat of culture, commerce and technology was Baghdad. “Hot Topic: Does following Jesus promote violence? Certainly, Daafi, you must admit that these Christian nations are barbaric. They sell their noble women into rape and servitude for money!”

  • Islam has only two prophets one is Mohammed and the other is in fact Jesus Christ.Neither of them promote violence. It has and alway been people within that has promoted violence and the countries they live in. Totally agree with Reza.

    I Grew up in very diverse Neighborhoods Our Muslims were not a problem. My dad’s job took us to places like Saudi Arabia. their people at government level, at that time didn’t like Americans, but as a whole did not try and harm us…. and their form of muslim religion is Wahabi/ Hanbali one of the most conservative, and bloody 7th century histories of Islamic following there is. We considered them our allies. they live in the 21 century as a whole even though they treat there women differently

    Isis and Al Qaeda are for the most part Salifist Jihadists. a small sliver or movement from Sunni religion. They follow completely 7th century law. while most of the rest of the Muslim culture in the world follows 21 century teachings.

    Islams forms of religion have as many offshoots as christians do. and it is just as confusing and dangerous!

  • As much as Reza Aslan may want to believe that Islam is not violent, he is still wrong. There are over 109 clearly, objectively, unarguably, violent verses in the Quran, and it’s time someone started talking about them.When did being objective and logical become bigotry? Reza may want to believe that any violent muslim is just an “extremist”, but I think that reading verses such as ” As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world…”and acting on them just makes one an objective muslim.There is no other sane way to interpret verses such as these, and there are plenty of verses to choose from. Furthermore, Reza, like every other muslim apolgist, chooses to point to Indonesia as the epitome of what Islam could be. However, he obviously doesn’t do very thorough research. A Pew Research Center study found that 7 in 10 Indonesian muslims want their government to be run by Sharia law and more than half of approved of such punishments as stoning adulterers. Oh yes, and what was that other country Reza mentioned? Right, Malaysia. The same Pew study found that 86% of Malaysian muslims endorsed Sharia Law. Political distortion from the mouths of people like Aslan is exactly the problem the United States faces. For some reason criticizing bad ideas like Islam has become taboo to subject to shouts of “bigotry!” from every uninformed apologist out there. People like myself are not criticizing the people of Islam, but rather the idea itself. Where are the Liberals in this debate? The real liberals in the debate are people like myself, standing up for liberal principles obviously not found in Islam Americans have been so overly bombarded with political correctness that they fear that they are going to offend muslims and intrude on their right to practice their religion. However, one’s liberties cannot intrude on someone else’s, and it seems that no matter how often Muslims commit global terrorism, Americans forget this. Americans need to stand up and call Islam, and all religion, for what it is.

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