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BREAKING: Denise Juneau is running for Congress

Expect a roll-out today. She’s filed the FEC papers and her old website is down.

UPDATE (11:30 AM): Juneau’s website is live:

UPDATE (11:40 AM): Here’s her initial logo:


UPDATE (11:50 AM): Juneau has made her announcement official on Facebook and Twitter:

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  • Awesome!
    Although I like and respect Denise a lot, she has a solid record of working to meet the needs of our children and our youth. Zinke made other choices.

    Governor Bullock has also laid the foundation of working to meet the needs of our children. The next election could be very easy if we all look at who has worked to meet the needs of Montana’s youth vs those who have chosen otherwise.

    • Denise Juneau has been campaigning all along by doing excellent work in the position that we have hired her to do.

      If you want to look at campaigning on the job, you may ask yourself who pays for Steve Daines publicist because damn- that publicist is a genius.

  • Don’t forget Zinke, a most clever ‘PR’ hound and self-promoter as quite evident in Zinke’s ‘Bid’ to be House Speaker, really??!!

  • Don’t forget how LAZY this Congress has been, hardly working at all this year and next year the GOP Speaker Ryan will have Congress in ONLY 130 days in session, so what kind of WORK ethic is that?? Shame on them and Denise Juneau has been working hard for almost EIGHT years while Congress will play games next year under GOP leadership and not serve the People, but instead campaign and pimp fo money, NOT work with other party and solve problems, close tax loopholes on corporations, etc…..Denise will WORK hard for us!

  • I hope you remember this post, because next year when the National Dem Party doesn’t support Juneau you shouldn’t be scratching your heads, because the powers-that-be in the Dem Party are very sexist, and showed it in recent history every time a woman ran for National Office from Montana.

    • The “National Dem Party” will be supporting Juneau, Eric. I’d love to put a little wager on that. I’ll give you favorable odds, so get back to me. And being a Republican, the party of old white guys, and calling the Dem. Party “very sexist” – surely you jest.

      • The evidence is on my side, including interviews that Tracy Velasquez gave – unless I am mistaken you were predicting an Amanda Curtis win also, were you not – LOL

      • Follow up: If you mean ‘supporting’ her with lip service, yes they will. Will they send her Tester/Baucus kind of money? No chance. The Dems, the party of the rich, will sit on their wallets for Juneau.

  • Cant’t wait to hear her positions on gay marriage, XL pipeline, the closing of Coalstrip power plants, the mining of coal, closing GITMO, gun control, drilling on BLM/Federal lands, $18T in debt, Obama care, and Kates Law.

    • I can’t wait to hear either, Swede. Some of those issues will be controversial in Montana. But gay marriage? You are so 1950s. We’ll see about the others.

    • Better late than never but the post did seem to be more about Zinke than Juneau. It raised some interesting questions on Zinke’s campaign expenditures but I was hoping it would be more about Juneau’s ample qualifications.

  • Pete – There might be good reasons the Cowgirls are giving tepid support for Juneau at this stage – they may have run a background check and seen the police reports on her driving record.

    The Cowgirls and Don Pogreba are good at vicious personal attacks and throwing mud at Republicans for the slightest real or manufactured indiscretions but don’t take criticism well when their own candidates’ misdeeds are revealed. It will be interesting to see how they deal with revelations about Juneau as this race progresses.

  • I guess this was going to come out but it doesn’t alter my passion for the Juneau campaign. Two thoughts: that was then and this is now. And people in glass houses … Well, we’ll see how it plays out. She’s still the best candidate for the seat, without exception.

  • I’ve been banned at the Cowgirl site for a couple weeks but today I came extremely close to driving down to one of my other houses with a different internet address and respond to the recent puff piece on Denise.

    I’m sure you’ve read it Pete because of your comment half way down the column. I was going to log in as “Drunks for Denise” a take off on the commenter “Drunks for Denny” who to this very day still chimes in on a regular basis.

    I’m sure you’ll remember the weekly posts on Denny with the barrage of whiskey bottles. All based on rumors and never confirmed like a DUI conviction evidenced by a breathalyzer.

    Amazing comparison, don’t ya think?

  • Swede, I’ve never felt that personal foibles should be considered in a political context. Here’s a comment of mine from long ago on the Rehberg boating incident:

    ” … I’m having a tough time with the moral indignation associated with the accident. Possibly that’s because I don’t have an unblemished record of doing stupid things. Granted, elected officials should set a better example but they’re only human.

    Rehberg’s stands on health care, war, the poor, the environment, taxes … I find that much more abhorrent than his lapses in his private life.

    And what bothers me even more is hypocrisy — you know, the ‘family values’ politician who’s screwing anything that moves (not referring to Rehberg here).

    I hope there’s a fair, timely investigation and all the facts come out but I’m certainly not going to cast the first stone, especially while people are recuperating in the hospital.”

    As far as Juneau, she made some bad decisions over a quarter century ago when in college (and who didn’t?). Since then, she’s done an admirable job in state government. That is the record that’s important to me.

  • I unfriended a prominent Missoula gay activist on FB after there were pictures posted of an obviously intoxicated Denise Juneau on his timeline. I do not want to see pictures of a greasy faced Juneau who was near the end of her first OPI Supt term, plastered on FB, I didn’t think then to download the picture. Denise still abuses alcohol.

    • What a convoluted comment! Who are you attacking here? The gay activist or Juneau? Why would you download the picture, if it actually exists, unless it was to smear Juneau? And then why would you “unfriend” said activist. Since this is an anonymous comment, I won’t put much stock in it. Also, I doubt she’d have as much support as she does if she “still abuses alcohol.”

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