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What’s Gianforte Exploring?

He’s raised more than a quarter of a million dollars and has over $180,000 in the bank yet he’s still “exploring” a run for governor?

According to a report filed with the commissioner of political practices, he’s spent money on campaign literature, an office, staff and a $44,000 voter survey, but he’s “exploring?”

He shot a TV commercial and has a logo.

Either you’re running or you are not.  This gambit does not speak well for someone who wants to be the governor of Montana and is a bit disingenuous, don’t you think?  There’s an expression that goes something like “it’s time to get off the pot.”

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  • Exploratory committees and candidacies should not be legal. Gianforte’s gaming the system, an indication that his approach to governing might not be doing the right thing, but doing what he thinks he can get away with doing.

      • You need to read my comment more carefully, and to pay attention to the qualifiers. I said he’s gaming the system. Gaming can be legal and gamey at the same time.

        And, I said his gaming the system might be an indication that as governor, he might do things if he thinks he can get away with doing them. You wrongly interpret that as an accusation he would break the law.

        • The “gaming the system” is open to interpretation, wouldn’t ya think? On on hand you could he’s being cautious weighing all options on the other being too secretive.

          Personally I would like our politicians to properly assess risk vs reward rather than spend foolishly with no accountability.

          • So, Swede, do you think Gianforte is going to send back to all the donors the quarter of a million bucks he has raised if he decides not to run? Including the $71,000 he’s already spent?

          • One doesn’t return contributions when one loses (although the outcome of the Presidential race has yet to be seen and you’re assuming Hillary is the Democratic nominee). One should return contributions if they bail on a race before they even officially announce.

          • Are you seriously worried about his ability to repay? Please be at least consistent. Demonize the wealth of Republicans or worry that their finances can’t meet obligations.

            For all we know money given before the announcement was to encourage him to run, nothing more.

          • I’m not concerned with his ability to refund contributions – I’m sure he has the resources. I’m just saying that I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t announce and ends up paying back $250,000. He seems to be the Republican frontrunner right now.

  • Let’s have some clarification of “system gaming” and the various degrees of such. A prime example would our current President.

    >>>In summation, Obama said…

    I’m not gunna force you to buy health insurance. He did.

    I’m not gunna penalize you for not buying health insurance. He did.

    I’m not gunna take away your health insurance. He did.

    I’m not gunna take away your doctor. He did.

    I’m not gunna unilaterally rewrite immigration law. He did.

    I’m not gunna unilaterally ignore immigration law. He did.<<<-Breitbart News

    • Intelligent people, let me introduce you to the purveyor of wackery, Half truths, and flat out Bullcrap in Montana Blogs today….. I introduce to you “Swede” the tool.

      • Pot calling the kettle black Norma? your arguments almost always suck and tend to lack and credible substance. Funny that I have to keep altering my name to post on here because the PC censorship police (Don Pogie) keep deleting my comments.

        • Your comments keep getting deleted because you’re a coward who hides personal attacks behind a pseudonym. If you could manage to post on the topic without attacking people, your largely pointless comments would remain in place.

  • Pete, Gianfortte is simply copying what Bullock did when he raised and spent over $200,000 during a 20 month period in 2010 and most of 2011 without designating any office. Bullock didn’t even bother writing in “Exploratory” on his C-5. He just left the “Office Sought” box blank. Where was the Democratic criticism of Bullock in the 2012 Governor’s race for being disingenuous and failing to “get off the pot”?

    • If this is accurate Pogo, it’s just another example of some Montana Dem Party supporters falling victim to a “Do as we say, not as we do” partisan mentality.

    • I believe at the time, Bullock was deciding whether to run again for AG or take a crack at the governor’s seat. Why do you think Gianforte is waiting to announce, Pogo?

  • Pete, I don’t know why Gianforte is waiting to file. Perhaps it is because he is getting a lot of free earned media by people continually asking when he is going to file. But back to my original comment, where was the criticism and Democratic call to “get off the pot” when Bullock raised over $200,000 took 20 months to declare?

    A bit off topic……….but do the Governor a favor and buy him a large supply of Vivarin to help keep him awake at important meetings. Bullock fell asleep in the middle of his one of his first meetings with one of the key Taiwanese officials this week. His staff didn’t have the common sense to nudge him and wake him so he slept through most of the discussion. Fortunately, the Taiwanese speaker kept talking to help him save face and pretended he didn’t notice.

    If Bullock wants to represent Montana business interests to the world he should at least step it up and stay awake during the meetings. He had a similar problem when he went to China last year. While he managed to stay awake, he kept yawning and putting his feet up in meetings – all considered rude in Asian business culture. Bullock needs take a course in international business etiquette to help him stop acting like a country hick when he travels and represents Montana abroad.

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