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GOP Dumps on Missoula

Montana Republican leadership would be happy if the Garden City seceded from the state to become The People’s Republic of Missoula.

Until then, the GOP will deride decisions made by our local elected officials whenever it can.

Two examples this week: the city’s condemnation of Mountain Water, and the proposed background check ordinance for gun purchases and transfers.  Both are being challenged by the Republican hierarchy.

First, some ranchers in Roy, Mont., don’t like the idea of Missoula owning its water supply.  I’m sure that these two (Rep. Ryan Zinke’s former communications director and the past Montana Republican Party executive director) who are lobbying on behalf of United Property Owners of Montana, are irrelevant.  UPOM filed a brief at the Montana Supreme Court, on behalf of the ranchers, opposing the condemnation proceedings.

On the gun side, Republican U.S.Senator and U.S. Representative and Montana AG – Daines, Zinke and Fox – are coming down hard on background checks.

All three weighed in on the ordinance:

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox on Thursday said he disagrees with the Missoula city attorney over the legality of a proposed ordinance requiring background checks for firearms sold or transferred within the city.

Fox released his opinion via a one-sentence news release.

Two hours later, U.S. Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Ryan Zinke, both Republicans, also released a joint statement urging the city to withdraw the ordinance.

While they support local control, they said, the ordinance presented a “rare occasion” to express their opposition to what they described as “misguided” legislation.

They support local control except when they don’t.  Espeacially in Missoula.







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  • why whine about the predictable reaction from Republicans? this is part of the cost of picking this fight at the municipal level. so go ahead and close this loophole within city limits. sure, the gun show may go elsewhere, but it’s worth it. Missoula further solidifies its “liberal” reputation, which doesn’t help when it comes to going hat-in-hand to legislator, but it’s worth it.

      • Both are abhorrent. What a ludicrous question. Is sexual assault worse than a hate crime? Is killing the planet through man-made climate change worse than nuking it to pieces? What’s with these absurd comparisons.? Gun violence is the issue before the city right now. Next week it could be a peace rally in Caras Park. One doesn’t have to pick and choose issues, but to act on them as they arise.

        • criticizing America’s foreign policy of killing poor brown people in places like Yemen doesn’t help elect Democrats because Democrats are responsible for that violence. gun regulation, on the other hand, fires up the base, so it’s no wonder you focus on that and ignore the violence America uses across the globe.

          • “(I) ignore the violence America uses across the globe?” I leave those weighty matters to you and your friends at Reptile Dysfunction. As I’ve mentioned before, I try to keep most of my posts focused on local and statewide matters – issues that Montanans can actually affect – with an occasional foray into international events. But to accuse me of personally ignoring global violence? How arrogant. While I’m deeply disturbed by the events in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan … and America’s role in those tragedies, I’ll continue to write about issues closer to home. There are hundreds of sites out there already, Reptile Dysfunction included, that tackle foreign policy.

  • A city protecting its students and Locals from being shot by weapons purchased at a gun show in their city….. what is wrong with that?

    If the Oregon campus Town and Sandy Hook both had these rules maybe people would be alive today. I think Missoula’s doing the right thing here…. and it is rules that again don’t effect good gun Owners.

  • Zinke is waffling again on the background issue. Zinke has said in the past he supports universal. background checks. Pretty much all the shooting we’ve had wouldn’t have made much difference, since they all would have passed the checks I think. These weren’t illegal gun purchases.

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