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CJ’s Election Rankings: October Update

The fundraising numbers are out and we’re updating election rankings. We last updated the election rankings in July. In July, we gave Bullock a slight edge in the gubernatorial race. That isn’t changing. Despite raising some serious cash, Gianforte is running a pretty lousy campaign. Make no mistake, this will be a close race and this ranking may change, but it’s not changing today. It’s also worth noting that a libertarian has jumped into the race.

Attorney General Tim Fox remains the favorite and we’re starting to wonder if a Democrat will challenge him. We’ve also removed Matt Monforton and Dirk Adams from the running – for now.

Jesse Laslovich continues to outraise the entire field of “tier b” candidates and seems to be enjoying broad support. He is still our favorite in the race for State Auditor.

As we predicted, Corey Stapleton has announced he’s running for Secretary of State. He’ll be running against Monica Lindeen. This is a toss-up race. Stapleton isn’t exactly beloved within his party and seems to stumble when it comes to statewide campaigns, but he has the potential to self-fund. Lindeen’s fundraising has been lackluster, but she’s popular with moderates.

The one ranking we’re changing is OPI.

Governor Bullock Democrat Slight Edge 55%
Greg Gianforte Republican 45%
Tim Fox Republican Edge 98%
Jesse Laslovich Democrat Edge 85%
Champ Edmunds Republican 25%
Monica Lindeeen Democrat 50%
Corey Stapleton Republican 50%
Melissa Romano  Democrat 45%
Elsie Arntzen  Republican  Slight Edge 55%
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    • Yeah. Melissa needs to up her fundraising. Elsie will raise money, self fund, and is pretty well known in her corner of the state (Billings). We need to get focused on this race, because Elsie would be HORRIBLE.

  • The Libertarian candidate for governor is Ron Vandevender, a name not unfamiliar. I’m not convinced that Gianforte will be the GOP nominee. Surely there’s at least one Democrat qualified for Attorney General who has the courage to run for the office. Serious candidates not now raising money in earnest are making a big mistake.

  • I hope the State Of Montana Democratic Party does something to get the young voters registered and get them to vote in 2016. I don’t like the looks of losing 2 more of top state offices OPI, and Sec. of State. I see Aaron Flint is leaving Voices of Montana,Northern Broadcasting out of Billings to join the Gianforte exploratory campaign as what I don’t know.

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