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Sporting a goatee, former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer was on CNN to promote his new book, “Power”

In the interview, he talks briefly about the Presidential campaigns but basically focuses on energy independence as he blasts the Saudi royal family and our involvement in the Middle East.

That’s all good stuff but with his past support of the Keystone XL pipeline and the moniker “coal cowboy,” we’ll have to wait and see just how green his energy solutions are.

Schweitzer has been out of the headlines for awhile.  He’s been busy as chairman of the board of Stillwater Mining Co., no doubt.  It’s been mired in layoffs and labor disputes.  It’s good to have him back in the limelight in a different venue as he usually supplies colorful copy.

I didn’t even know he was writing a book but you can find more details at his Facebook page.  I probably won’t buy the book, though, until he shows up in Missoula and I can get an autographed copy.


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  • One thing I have noticed in Democratic circles … Those currently in power are never criticized by rank and file, but once out of power are fair game. Schweitzer, who is typically backed by silent powerful interests, is out of the game now, and so can be criticized.

    For this reason I think that Max Baucus, even technically no long a state party leader, still has strong sway in the party – his name is rarely spoken, his corruption, which is legend, is never broached in polite company. But ID would be the perfect venue for a series on Max. What stories could be told!

    Are you feeling like a reporter, Pete? Have at it!

    • Funny you should mention Baucus, PM. I was thinking about him just the other day. There’s a lot in the news these days about China – its slowing economy, cyber attacks, Obama’s “pivot,” Xi Jinping’s visit – but not a peep out of Max. What’s he doing over there as ambassador? I googled Max and couldn’t find a single story about him after 2014.

      But I digress. You have a selective memory, PM. I criticized both Schweitzer and Baucus when they were in office. Go visit the 4&20 archives sometime.

  • Both Don and Pete here are all defensive saying they’ve been critical of Max and were when he was in power. What you will find, of you find any criticism at all, are words like “still, given the alternative, I’ll vote for him again.” Neither man has the courage to take a cold shower to get rid of a crook. Bad Democrat, good Democrat, no matter, all the same. They vote for them, year in, year out. Crooks, con men, but dammit, better than the crooks and con men of the other party.

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