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Gianforte Chooses AFP

Man oh man is the Gianforte campaign off to a rough start. I’ve written about it here and here. Today, James Conner wrote about it here.

Put Wednesday down as another royal screw up for Gianforte. Today, Americans for Prosperity is promoting some event called “Passion to Profit,” which will feature Mr. Gainforte.

Obviously, Greg and his political handlers aren’t that familiar with Montana politics as of late. Americans for Prosperity has become somewhat of a laughing stock here in Montana. Readers of Intelligent Discontent will likely remember AFP’s rough and embarrassing 2015 Legislative Session. AFP has a brand seen as uniquely “un-Montanan,” they’re now being rejected by moderate Republicans and Democrats, and their political muscle is also being brought into doubt.

But there is a bigger takeaway here. Gianforte is making it clear that his politics are in line with the Koch brothers. That is very troubling if you care about public access, schools, good paying jobs, infrastructure, and healthcare.

UPDATE: To make matters worse, AFP is promoting the event at University of Montana Bozeman. Therse is no University of Montana Bozeman. This is yet another #MillionsOfMontanans moment for the out-of-state group.

SECOND UPDATE: AFP has since corrected their “University of Montana Bozeman” press release.

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