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Diplomacy Not Daines’ Strong Suit

Sen. Steve Daines seems to forget that diplomacy is what keeps us out of wars.

He rails against the Iran nuclear treaty in a guest column in last Friday’s Missoulian but offers little in the way of alternatives.

Besides being factually inaccurate, his opinion runs counter to those who are experienced in such matters – Brent Scowcroft, for example.

The former national security adviser to Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush says in the Washington Post that this is “an epochal moment that Congress shouldn’t squander.”

He goes on to say that “there is no credible alternative were Congress to prevent U.S. participation in the nuclear deal. If we walk away, we walk away alone.”

On the other hand, Daines believes that because Syria, Russia and China think it’s a good deal, it must not be.

What Daines fails to mention is that France, the UK, Germany and the rest of the European Union also support the agreement.

He also says that opposition to the treaty is bipartisan, which is not true, and he trots out the name of one Democratic U.S. Senator: Chuck Schumer. Schumer has always been in the pocket of AIPAC, the lobbying arm of the Israeli government, so that doesn’t really count. Only one other Democratic Senator is opposed, despite AIPAC spending $1.7 million convincing Congress to scuttle the deal.

First, this agreement sets the stage for halting Iran’s nuclear weapons activities.  Iran is also slowly becoming more moderate, and lifting sanctions will not only ease the economic depression there but should lead to closer ties to the West.

Daines, however, is toeing the Republican Party line which favors more ill-advised wars.




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  • Pete,
    What a fine piece you have composed! I kinda see it, as an intro for what you might have forward from now. Being short of time I really like short paragraphs, but ONLY when they are reality based, as are your above paragraphs.

    Very likely, Daines still follows those who favor ANOTHER ill designed USA style war for such as oily geo-corporate fiefdoms, comfortable with a regional alliance fulfilling not the NT but the Babylonian talmud.

    If we had a Draft, not a mercenary military, a real WAR could/would happen if Iran violated the terms of a Signed
    Peace Treaty!

  • No Pete you’re wrong America is the worst and Iran is just capitulating neoliberalism Russia Ukraine CIA blowback Counterpunch.

  • Pete, criticism of the other party has no impact. they don’t care what you think, don’t read it. If you want to have an impact, I suggest you hold your own party accountable, even scrutinizing them as closely as you do the other.

    Oh, wait … That’ll get you banned.

    • Wow, what a new, unique perspective you bring to the blogs, Mark. Let’s see if I’ve got it straight: elections are a farce, Democrats are as bad (maybe worse) than Republicans, I have no critical thinking skills and am a moral coward. Maybe if you just repeat it fifty or sixty more times, I’ll get the message.

      BTW, you say “I suggest you hold your own party accountable, even scrutinizing them as closely as you do the other. Oh, wait … That’ll get you banned.” You’re here, aren’t you?

    • Okay. Your wish has come true, troll. You have been banned. Go back to your smug cave and repeat the same arguments there to all of your friends. I imagine such an interesting person with such a diverse set of arguments must have a rich social life.

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