Review and Recommendation: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

As I watch my friends debate the ongoing protests in Ferguson on its tragic anniversary and the Black Lives Matters demonstrators interrupting Bernie Sanders rallies, it’s even more apparent that many of us are simply so far removed from the lived experience of black Americans in the United States to offer more than a kneejerk or superificial response. Most of us certainly believe and hope that we are not racist, and decry the overtly racist actions of police and government officials when we see them on TV or read about them on the news, but our lived experiences simply don’t give us the tools to understand the pervasive power of the police state on African-American communities.

Growing up in the bubble of small town Montana, I hardly have the experience to speak for others, and that’s why I so enthusiastically recommend Michelle Alexander’s 2012 book The New Jim Crow, which makes a powerful case that the United States is still enaged in the production of a racial caste system: that what was once slavery, then Jim Crow, has been replaced by a system of incarcerating young African-American men at a higher rate than any other developed country incarcerates anyone.

Alexander’s central thesis is that mass incarceration of African-Americans is the most important element of a deliberate backlash against the gains of the Civil Rights Movement, and the most critical social issue we must address. She writes:

Mass incarceration—not attacks on affirmative action or lax civil rights enforcement—is the most damaging manifestation of the backlash against the Civil Rights Movement. The popular narrative that emphasizes the death of slavery and Jim Crow and celebrates the nation’s “triumph over race” with the election of Barack Obama, is dangerously misguided. The colorblind public consensus that prevails in America today—i.e., the widespread belief that race no longer matters—has blinded us to the realities of race in our society and facilitated the emergence of a new caste system.

Alexander breaks down all of the tools that are used to criminalize black life in America, from pretext stops and disparate enforcement of drug laws, exploding comfortable myths that ours is a colorblind justice system and that increased rates of incarceration in black communities is the result of increased criminality there. While many readers will no doubt be familiar with the individual policies Alexander critiques, the real power of her book is how she weaves those strands together to reveal a cage of racist practice that dehumanize and criminalize black life in America.

At the heart of this, of course, is the War on Drugs, but it’s not enough to simply critique it without addressing the racial dimension of its application. As Alexander writes:

There is, of course, an official explanation for all of this: crime rates. This explanation has tremendous appeal—before you know the facts—for it is consistent with, and reinforces, dominant racial narratives about crime and criminality dating back to slavery. The truth, however, is that rates and patterns of drug crime do not explain the glaring racial disparities in our criminal justice system. People of all races use and sell illegal drugs at remarkably similar rates.10 If there are significant differences in the surveys to be found, they frequently suggest that whites, particularly white youth, are more likely to engage in illegal drug dealing than people of color.

Even well-meaning critics of the war on drugs need to do more to acknowledge its deepy racist application and the underlying narratives of criminality and race that drive the police response. Drug legalization and adopting a harms reduction model would be an important first step, but until our society confronts and addresses the race-based application of our laws, it’s likely to be an insufficient step.

Alexander also offers some eye-opening history about the prison population in the United States, writing that as late as the 1970s, criminologists were arguing that the prison system would “fade away,” including a 1973 recommendation from the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals that argued “no new institutions for adults should be built and existing institutions for juveniles should be closed.” In two generations, we’ve gone from a society pondering a massive restructuring of the penal system into a place only for the most violent, irredeemable criminals to one wherein states are writing contracts with for-profit prisons mandating 100% occupancy in their facilities.

Until we confront the comforting illusion that individual choices lead to imprisonment, we’ll never adopt policies that improve our schools, our law enforcement, and our legal system. Though written before the events of the past few years, Ms. Alexander’s book offers a powerful entry into understanding how the institutions of racism have not vanished, but merely transformed, and calls readers into action to demand change. Echoing Jonathan Kozol’s powerful critique of accountability measures imposed on segregated schools, Alexander asks:

are we willing to demonize a population, declare a war against them, and then stand back and heap shame and contempt upon them for failing to behave like model citizens while under attack?

It’s a question all of us, conditioned by the news media, anodyne discussions about race in our schools, and simple lack of experience, need to ask ourselves—and The New Jim Crow offers an excellent starting point to deconstruct our biases and assumptions.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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    • When 12 year old African American girls arrested for protesting and these goons are allowed to walk around with automatic weapons, it’s pretty clear that race can’t be separated from law enforcement analysis in this country.

      • Tonite MSNBC shows video of fully armed “oath keepers” in the night crowds at Ferguson, and reports that Law enforcement failed to ask/tell them to leave the scene.

  • The heart of real racism is the belief that the genetic differences between races have real consequences in how we treat people. Think Hitler, or the segregation and agenda of the Democratic party from the civil war to present. Woodrow Wilson is a prime example with his segregation of public servants after taking over as president, and hailing the movie “Birth of a Nation”.

    We must be more precise in our language. The problem is culture and not race. The two are completely confused today. Cultures are not equal, and cannot be treated equal under the law. Culture has consequences, and if a culture glorifies certain behaviors, those behaviors will be increase. What behavior is glorified in Hip Hop?

    I would not change our laws so that we treat people differently according to race so that our citizens are not treated equally under the law which is not new at all, but the same old Democrat Jim Crow attitude. I would also not stifle culture, but continue to hold all to the same standards of social behavior. Culture, not race has consequences.

    • “Culture” is just racist codeword nonsense. The law does treat black Americans profoundly differently than it does white Americans, which increases rates of incarceration and hopelessness. Once you’ve been arrested for a minor drug offense, what job prospects do you have? If predominantly, white suburban neighborhoods were policed for drug offense the way predominantly minority neighborhoods are, it would be a national outrage. Now, we hide it away from the national media until those moments when people of color resist. And then we condemn them for it.

      • Although I agree with most of what you respond, I don’t think you even understand my point. You said, “”Culture” is just racist codeword nonsense.”

        Culture has nothing at all to do with race. What does the culture of beautiful and faithful response to the church shooting in the North Carolina AME church share with the culture of the shaded punk car with the windows visibly vibrating have to do each other. They are completely different, even though there might be a black person sitting in the pew, and in the car seat. When the car is pulled over, you don’t know what race is in the car, you know only the culture. One culture welcomes and promotes drug abuse, the other shuns it. Guess which is which.

        Corrupted culture produces corrupted people.

        I wasn’t born in a Montana small town and remained here, I have been part of our armed forces all my life, and have seen that when people share a culture and values they share their lives together. On any given Sunday, the congregation gathered to worship in my services was only about on quarter white. The majority were black, and asian and east indian. I have worshiped in a congregation of Japanese Christians being in one spirit of joy. Its all about culture, not race. Cultures are not equal. Some are good, and some are bad.

        For Democrats, everything is about race. Racist they were from their beginning, and now they point the finger at Republicans and blame them for the progressive parties sins.

        • Do you honestly believe that law enforcement in this country isn’t shaped by perceptions of race? That children in communities of color aren’t sent to worse schools with fewer resources? That institutional racism isn’t alive and well in this country? If you honestly think that, there’s no point in debate, because you’re willing to deny factual evidence to defend your untenable position.

          Tell me for instance, how “culture” explains this:

          Nearly 20 percent of whites have used cocaine, compared with 10 percent of blacks and Latinos, according to a 2011 survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — the most recent data available.

          Higher percentages of whites have also tried hallucinogens, marijuana, pain relievers like OxyContin, and stimulants like methamphetamine, according to the survey. Crack is more popular among blacks than whites, but not by much.

          Still, blacks are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as whites, according to a 2009 report from the advocacy group Human Rights Watch.

          You write, “For Democrats, everything is about race.” The truth is that, for realists, much of this country still is about race. To pretend that’s not true is absurd beyond imagining.

          • Hopefully we are not arresting and prosecuting just those who have tried the drugs. The prison couldn’t hold them all. The dealers who advertise their wares by driving cars displaying drug culture are more likely to be stopped.

            So are you suggesting that black people need to be treated unequally under our law? How is that not racist! You are Jim Crow if you believe that, no matter how you justify it.

            • Either you have a reading comprehension problem or are choosing to be ill-informed. People of color are treated differently under the law every minute of their lives in this country. They are subject to stop-and-frisk police stops, they are subject to pretext traffic stops, and their communities are subject to pervasive, militarized policing. That’s why people of color get arrested far more often for drug offenses, despite using drugs less frequently than whites.

              This bizarre Republican worldview that ignoring racism is somehow anti-racist is fascinating. You just have to live in a world free of facts to believe it’s true.

  • I’m not ignoring racism, and I never said it didn’t exist. My case is that you are the racists if you WANT the law to treat races differently. That has been the Democrat party platform from the end of the civil war to the present. After so many years of separate but “equal” suddenly you want to do it all again!

    • I am going to use small words to see if they sink it. The. Law. Does. Treat. Different. Races. Differently.

      That’s wrong. To ignore it, or to blame “culture” for institutional racism is racist.

  • So, marijuana is illegal for one race, and not illegal for others? Which law says that? Once again, democrats believe that all the races are different, and act differently because of their genetic differences. The master race, president Wilson and the founder of Planned Parent Hood, Margaret Sanger all agreed on this same point. Evolutionary theory suggests this conclusion and it was and is called scientific. Darwin even promoted eugenics in his books.

    Today the democratic party which enshrined Jim Crow laws into our land cause a huge resentment from those whose race was not privileged by these laws. In the civil rights movement the democrats finally said, that those laws were wrong. Republicans had been promoting just laws all along, fighting against the racists. Now that the democrats see the resentment their unjust laws caused, they pull out another set of unjust laws favor a different race and then expect it to not cause the same resentment from the race not privileged. Brilliant! but racists all the same. The flames are stoked more.

    Your answer? Call black republican candidates “Uncle Toms”, rewrite history, and blame the police who put their butts in harms way every day.

    • I haven’t done anything you accuse me of. Isn’t bearing false witness a sin, Preacher Man?

      Your answer? Call black republican candidates “Uncle Toms”, rewrite history, and blame the police who put their butts in harms way every day.

      Beg forgiveness of your loving God. Do penance, which should actually involve an apology. Then go away.

    • Dear Rev. You need to go back to school and re-read your history books. Your condemnation of the Democrats rings false – both factually and literally and your claims of the Republicans fighting for the “rights” of people of color is just plain dishonest on the face of it. For the truth of the matter is that the two parties have undergone a complete metamorphosis in which they completely switched philosophies and world-views. They are both sitting in 100% complete opposition to the places where you seem to think they are – and have been so for quite some time.

      You sir are sadly mistaken about what both parties believe in today, what they both fight for, and what they do.

      You keep quoting Margaret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson and the like. I would suggest that we, this country, and most thinking people have put on our thinking caps and moved beyond the kinds of things that some of these individuals espoused. Just because someone thought or said something over 100 years ago doesn’t mean that an organization or a group still believes that today. And you can feel free to look at words and actions of today to find out if that’s true instead of clinging to the far distant past as a measure of it.

      You call yourself a Rev. It seems to me that if you really do want to cling to the past, you might well go further back and re-read a certain book wherein the central character tells his followers that one must love one another – with no qualifications!
      And also somewhere in there that forgiveness is for everyone, not just for some.

      • I am talking about the current leftist platform which is basically the same today. The government chooses races to privilege through law naively thinking that this will appease resentment while not produce more.

        I don’t see any contrition for the democrats past failures when they continue to support the killing of the next generation of nonwhites off using “Planned” “Parenthood” with all of its illegal activities. Planned parenthood was founded by Margret Sanger, and Hillary Clinton has claimed her as a personal hero.

        • Your contradicting yourself, Gordish. If “The Law”, as you would have it, applies to everyone equally, then how could “leftists” be privileging certain races with law? Besides, weren’t you writing up there that issues of law are about culture and not race?

          • Affirmative action laws are laws which favor one race over another. I am saying that Democrats address racism with government and law, by making racist laws, while the solution is cultural and beyond the control of the government. Unfortunately too many people believe that government is the ultimate authority (god) and that it alone can solve our problems.

          • Tim, I actually like Dr. Carson a lot. He is very thoughtful and debates like a doctor, calmly and preciously. If he would just lay off all the religeeous bullshit he would be a much more attractive candidate. You see, his archaic religious views are scary!

          • Yes and laws against murder favor victims. Affirmative action laws do not “favor” anyone. They protect people from those who can, have and will be the victims of those such as yourself who would unjustly favor others over the disadvantaged. Protection of the cowl notwithstanding, your attitude leads me to believe that you must know the difference between tort law and criminal law. Let’s see if you do. Show me one person who has ever been arrested for not hiring a black person. Show me anyone who has been arrested for not meeting a black-folk quota. Do you have anything? No?

            Didn’t think so. You say we’re all equal under The Law. If we are, then why do you ignore what Affirmative Action laws say in favor of how they are applied? That’s the reason you think you can spew racist garbage all over this website, Gordish. You think yourself capable of deciding when laws should be followed as written and when they should followed as applied. I just thought I’d point out how obviously wrong you are in that.

  • Actually, Don, you don’t need to read the book to understand Alexander’s point. I have listened to hear on NPR now for a couple of years.

    But here’s the interesting thing about Alexander, the scholar. Even SHE didn’t have an inkling of the problem until she met that one black young man who changed her life. He had explained to her how he had been set up by the police, but she didn’t believe him………….until later! When she found out that that kind of action was systemic in the police departments! In fact, common place! It was THEN and only THEN that she began her scholarly study into the police abuses of the black community and the consequences of that abuse. She became a believer!
    Now, I LUVE Michelle Alexander’s work. She is the best. Her work is the best and most definitive on the problem
    BUT, these two young half white former tea party party crashers of the Sander’s event in NO WAY are on par with Michelle Alexander! If the blm movement wants to be taken seriously, they will purge their movement of the plants and pretenders, and look to intellectuals like Alexander to define their movement and look for solutions. The fat little loudmouthed black chicks need to be pushed to the rear if the blm movement is to have a future. As it now stands, they have done tremendous damage to not only the black cause, but the Dem cause. For the Dem party is now identified as the party of the loudmouthed fat little black chicks who think we’re all racists! YEA, baby! That’s a message that will resonate with the entire country while we’re all struggling to survive out here! Let’s funnel even MORE moneyto welfare blacks! Jeezus. ‘Bout time to give up I’d say!


    Yes, because the ONLY issue now to be discussed in the campaign is black lives matter! Wow. Just wow. Me THEENKS we’re bein’ played for fools. OK, I get it. Houston, we have a problem! So, let’s keep disrupting every chance we get so that NOTHING gets discussed! Jeebus. What a great strategy!
    I do NOT agree with sending angry people to shout down opponents at every opportunity. I suspect that these so called agitators are being orchestrated by the powers that be! Why? Well, the Dem party is now quietly, incessantly, in SIDIOUSLY being portrayed as the party of nothing more than angry black people and hormonally challenged unhinged women and malcontents screaming for no reason at all! Is THIS really how we want to be portrayed?! Any message the malcontents have is being overshadowed by their anger and tactics! ANGER ALONE is not going to convince anyone that your capable of governing in a coherent manner! And really, when you think about it, angry, yelling outta control black folks are tailored made for rightwing propaganda! And it’s working! I mean, you’re a working stiff who is barely surviving. WHO are you going to vote for, fat little angry black chicks screaming their lungs out at to get Bernie off the stage, or more reasoned looking Repubes who promise you everything?! All the Reepubes have to do is run commercials, just like they did with Willie Horton, showing the fat little black chicks SCREAMING from the stage, and say, do you REALLY want these two running your country for you? Bernie will appoint them!
    Now, some folks won’t like what I’m saying, but that is the TRVTH and the reality of the situation. I for one do NOT want a one or two issue election, and that is exactly what is being orchestrated here! Yes, I understand the racial component, but that is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things! Attacking everyone who isn’t black or half black is NOT the way to win elections! It’s simply a proven divide and conquer strategy that the Pubes figured out long ago!

    • And I actually thought that your post of Ted Cruz handling the protestors was excellent. Ted did a masterful job of allowing them their piece. I think that we can NOT drown out the opinions of others.

      • p.s. But the thing that really, really, REALLY irritates the friggin’ hell outta me is that the ENTIRE focus has been changed by two little half black plants. I mean, what did THAT cost anyone? Simply send in the clowns, and the message is changed. No LONGER is the message that thousands and thousands of people showed up to hear a real progressive message that inspires so much unprecedented hope in people, but now we must all stop being the racist bassturds we didn’t know we were by simply having white skin! I’m not buying any of it, and anyone with an understanding of history knows what I’m talking about. Just take a read about the union movement beginning from about 1920 on. It is EXACTLY what they did back then! But many folks, like the limp lizard, not must do their penance for sinning against their black neighbors! Me, personally, I’ve dusted off my old whip from my grade school catholic days and I’m beat myself on the back. For Jeebus, I had NO idea I was such a racist! Thanks to the two little black chicks, I know see the error of my ways! THANK YOU, JESUS!

  • Can we please stop calling them “little black chicks?” These are women in their mid-20s and calling them “little black chicks” is no different than calling black men “Boy.”

    • Do you think you could comment without the demeaning references to the women involved, Larry? Montana Mama has a point. I’d take your opinions much more seriously if you would lay off the name calling.

      • Me too, lay off inappropriate name calling.
        Labels are sticky like dry fishy stuff
        stuck on the cutting board and the knife.
        Part of reality is avoiding getting stuck
        with our own labels and mis-named files.

        • Impressive, Old Weed. I always kinda wondered what reality was all about! At least now I know PART of it! Did you ever know that you’re my zero?!
          Geez, no WONDER the Pubbies laff at some in the Dim party!

      • Pete, shoot me the name of your jr. high librarian so I can run my comments by her first!
        But seriously, these slender mature young women of color just INSULTED twelve thousand people who showed up for a rally to hear Bernie by calling them all white supremist racists! Do they REALLY deserve a whole lotta r-e-s-p-e-c-t?!
        I didn’t call them hoes. I didn’t call them bitches. I didn’t comment on their booties! ALL terms of endearment in black culture!
        So, lets all stop being silly, shall we?
        And if ANYONE out there can show me where calling a young woman a “chick” has a racial connation, well by GOD that person has dinner on me! btw, I thought calling them black was pretty generous, for they are both half black or biracial. I seriously, VERY seriously doubt that they have undergone the racial prejudice of actual honest-to-god black folks have. I’m sure that because of their biracial features, they can function in both cultures quite well since they have white parents too! Does that make me a racist to say this? Geez, maybe I’ll just go put on some of my old James Brown records and do my penance again!

    • Hey mami, maybe I should have called them sphincters! You seem to be “enamored” of sphincters over at cgirl’s site! You prolly should have that looked at! Are you really enamored of sphincters though? Are you a sphincterphile? Jus’ wonderin’. HEY, I won’t ask and you don’t have to tell! My philosophy is to live and let live! My advice to you would be NOT to attack one specific part of my comments, but view them as a hole! You then might like them!

      • And a fine word it IS, mami!

        “I, for one, am enamored of John Marshall’s term “Sphincterism.” My new favorite word in the world! Thank you, John! I wish we could all rally around anti-sphincterism, and quit the circular firing squad. Sigh.”


      • Dear Intelligent Discontent,

        What’s this, in three lines Montana Mama asks
        LK to please show some restraint about name calling.

        THEN Mr. LK gets to indulge in name calling
        against Montana Mama! And much worse.

        Same Mr. K. who gets to have ID center stage to script his performance imagery of the young adults who kept Bernie away from center stage!

        Same Mr. K dishing out INAPPROPRIATE foul toxic junk words, but can’t even handle a request or a reflection.

        Like Larry says, look at the whole of his ID work!

          • Yes, we do. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that you make your comments without attacking individuals all the time, though.

            I’ve always though you have a unique point of view that’s worth reading, but I have to admit that I wish it happened with less reliance on personal attacks.

            Give it some thought?

          • Don, as you probably know, there has been a concerted effort to silence me throughout the blogosphere for a long time.. I never resort to personal attack against other posters unless they attack me first. I did not attack Pete, nor mama, nor OS. until THEY chose to attack me because I referred to the blm posters as fat little black chicks. I thought I responded to them quite civily.
            Well, it’s beginning to look more and more like I was again correct in my assessment of just who these so called blm activists are. Please read the article I posted above. These so called activists are NOT deserving of any respect from me or anyone else. They were agent provocateurs, pure and simple.
            I realize that it’s your site, but it would be a real shame to silence me just because of folks who don’t like what I post. I mean, where did this old swede come from? He appears to be as much of a rat f**king as they’re doing to Bernie Sanders. OS has no creds on the blogosphere. How ’bout we get him and mama to post their real names?! Let’s see how long they choose to attack me! Just a thought from me, Larry Kralj!

          • Larry, I suggest to you that if you think people asking you to show basic human respect is “an attack”, than you are probably part of the problem and not any solution. When you get banned for failure to show others basic human respect, no one is trying to silence you. You can still talk and scream and screech all you want. All they are doing is closing a door so they don’t have to hear it.

          • Rob, do you THINK about the things you think about? Oh wait, that’s not it. Do you even READ the things you write about? If you did, you would see that I already posted liz’s site above, LONG before you did, AND commented on it! Really, dude, kinda pathetic to attack others to make yourself appear relevant. Oh wait. Isn’t that exactly what the two little black chicks did to Bernie?Were you a hall monitor in school? I suspect so. I seriously doubt that Don needs your help with his blog, especially since the two that you have attempted to estasblish both went tits up in an admirable fashion!
            BTW, since I am probably the ONLY one here who is actually ON social security, I take it very, very, VERY personally when I’m prevented what hearing what Bernie has to say regarding the issue by a couple’a plants!
            Come back when you’re relevant upon your OWN merits! Until then, have a nice day!
            Too funny. I theenk that Don will ban me on his own when he feel the need to. But unlike many of the whiners, he understands free speech pretty darn well.
            And really, the comment section is sometimes the most important part of a post. Hell, I read them ALL! Huffpo had some 2,900 comments on the two little black agent provocateurs, and I read them all! Unlike many who love to spout, I’m a READER! Always have been.

          • But for the record, care to comment on any of the COMMENTS that I made, rather than simply attacking me? Seems that SOME folks on Liz’s site actually LIKED my comments. (go see for yourself) ‘Sides, I can’t prove that mama and old weed aren’t plants. HEY, it can happen!
            But I will tell you this. I have been on the blogs longer than anyone. EVERY where I write it generates interest and traffic. Not bragging, just fact. That’s what comes from paying your dues. The folks that others write about, I KNOW THEM! Been around these parts a long, long time. That gives me a unique perspective. And the other thing is that you can’t bullshit a bullshitter! I’m a world class bullshitter. So, when I see two little black chicks stopping a twelve thousand person event of OLD people like myself, I know them for what they are!

  • Power to the people, ALL people, not just the blm agitators who want to sabotage Bernie! HEY, don’t black people get social security too? Just imagine, twelve thousand people show up to hear Bernie’s message on improving the lives of black folk, and a couple’a old ladies with walkers and canes commandeer the stage, whack Bernie on the noodle with their canes, and start screaming about old folks’ rights! What’s wrong with this picture? Pretty much everything! ‘Cause the reality is that we’re all in this together! Like it or LUMP it, or Trump it! Your choice. Life’s all about choices! Agitators, don’t like Bernie? TRUMP IT, baby! Trump it!

  • FINALLY, a black intellectual who gets it! Agent provocateurs have NO place in Dem presidential politics! Them two little fat chicks are NOT interested in democracy at all. Hence, they need to be shown the door before they can do more damage! Most of us still believe that things can be changed through democracy. The two little fat chicks need to start forming their own little black tea party militia for Jeezus. For they are good little Christ Stains you know!

  • Us old guys are damn blunt. I theenk we earned that right over the years. Old guys matter! Ya see, we ain’t askin’ for free stuff from the gummint. We got our stuff the old fashioned way. We worked our ASSES off for it in SPITE of all the adversity that everyone else faces! That’s a lesson that black lives matter should learn. I theenk that too many blacks, just like too many whites, want the gummint to give them their share that they think everyone ELSE is getting for free. And let’s face it, lots of folks are! The new Murcan dream is to get fat enough to get disability, but not fat enough to have to do dialysis!

      • To all of you whites who just kicked us in the face again a letter form Birmingham:

        “I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate,

        who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice;

        who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice;

        who constantly says: ‘I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action’;

        who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom;

        who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a ‘more convenient season.’

        Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

        Martin Luther King

        Letter from Birmingham Jail

          • Now James, Mike has a point. It’s them damnable librul progressive that missunderestimate the black race! He’s got a point there. But wait. Wasn’t it Mahatma Gandhi that had a HUGE influence on Martin Luther King Jr.? Why yes it was! And where did Gandhi get his philosophy of non-violence? Wasn’t it from one of them no nothing uppity librul progressives? Why yes it was! A guy named Thoreau! Funny how that works. And now, the black folks in Murca are calling all of us white librul progressives racist!

            But I gotta tell ya, James, MLK Jr. what a great man. Truly a great man. In fact, one of the greatest. But there was one even greater. In fact, he was the greatest! And still is! Why? Because he REFUSED to go murder other people of color who had done nothing to him! You know who I’m talking about. The greatest!
            The black troops of mike’s generation are ALL to happy to go off to the middle east and SLAUGHTER AyRabs they consider to be the enemy. But the Greatest absolutely REFUSED to go slaughter others who had done him no harm! So he went to JAIL!
            I must tell you that when the idiot Bush first order American troops to Iraq, I thought for sure that the black troops would rebel and refuse to go. I thought for sure that they had ingested the lessons of the sixties and would refuse to go murder other people of color who had done them no wrong. I thought for sure that there existed still enough Black Muslim influence in black culture to prevent young black soldiers from committing war crimes against other Muslims. BOY WAS I WRONG! Guy’s like mike above are venal enough to go slaughter innocent people for a buck! And for that reason alone, the black race in this country has NO room to lecture anyone else, especially we libs who fought like hell against Georgie’s Orgy of Slaughter for Big Oil! Take mike’s post for what it’s worth. NOTHING! When he goes to jail for refusing to participate in illegal wars, I’ll begin to believe that he ain’t just fartin’ our his black ass!


          • You know, Larry, you need to get your own blog. Then you can rant all you want, call African American women “little fat black chicks,” and chase conspiracy theories a la Mark Tokarski. It’s time for you to move on.

          • Comments are just SO uncalled for on a blog. Really, dude, rant? Geez, grow up and grow a set. Do you even READ other blogs? Comments are the best part! Sanitary is GREAT for restrooms, but not so much for blogs! When Don bans me, I’ll mosey along. Until then, have a nice day!

          • Pete, you really need an appropriate icon for your posts. So, bein’ the helpful dud I am, I thought THIS might work! Geez, dude, post your creds some time, for you seem to be GREATLY lacking in any sort of real world experience! Me? No, I’m not! In fact, I have been the minority many times. In Nam, MANY nights I was the ONLY white guy on the back of a truck full of dog handlers going out to post. Yes, I was THE minority. I got to know black folk very well. It was an epiphany for me, a white kid who had never even SEEN black people before the military. And I discovered that they were just people! Just like me! When did YOUR epiphany occur, bubble boy???? Jus’ wonderin’? And please do, ban those who scare the friggin’ HELL outta you! For then, you truly will have the site you desire………CLEAN AS A COMMODE! SANITYARY! And as boring as a restroom too! Think about it. Or just think. You are the American dream!………..of the nazzzis!

          • You don’t scare me Larry, you bore me. I believe comments can be an interesting aspect of a blog. You, however, aren’t interesting, you just think you are. I’d take a long hard look at myself if I had been banned by just about every decent site in Montana. But then, like Tokarski, introspection isn’t your strong suit.

          • Scare you? Why would I want to do that, petey? Never intended to “scare” anyone. I find YOU boring. Post your creds, dude, so that I know that you’re authentic. Look, I hate to be blunt, but EVERYWHERE I write, folks show up to read. Always been that way. Do they show up for you??? Jus’ wonderin’. You see, petey, when speech ends, shootin’ begins! Allow folks to talk even if you think they’re “boring”. BTW, I am NOT boring. Never have been. It is simply BEYOND my comprehension why someone would want someone else banned! I can NOT comprehend that mentality. Maybe you could explain it to me. I like issues. I always talk issues, unless directly attacked, and then I respond. WHY do you feel the need to silence me? I don’t get it.
            Now, if you can show me ONE instance where I have asked for another poster to be banned, I will show some sympathy towards you. But by GOD, man, what IS your problem? TRVTH really unnerves you that much?
            Words have power. USE them to kick my ass. I LOVE a good punch up. But DON’T use cowardly words to silence someone you disagree with. That AINT the Montana way. I like to mix it up, but unfortunately, there ain’t many worthy opponents left out there. Just palookas, plugs, and whiners!

          • No, Larry, when you start showing up on sites, people flee and the comment thread turns to shit. I’m not going to waste any more time with you. This is Don’s post and Don’s site, and he can do as he pleases. I was serious, though, about starting your own site. I’d love to see the visit numbers sometime.

          • Absolutely untrue, petey. People do NOT flee. They like what I write. It interests them. But a word of caution to guys like you and mami. NEVER pick a blog fight with an English major, for you’re gonna lose your ass every time. Especially one that’s been around the block a time or two. And English major who was a grunt bee FORE becoming edjumacated! My arsenal is immense.
            So, if I get banned, so be it. I don’t really care. I leave the field with head held high to be replaced by the groundlings once again. Ever heard of them?

  • I just spoke a truth. and the white man cant hear it. King’s words still haven’t moved you?

    How exactly am I different than you Larry? You were in the military, is it different when a white man kills the enemy than when a black man does? Or is it just the color of my skin that makes it different for you?

    By the way I am in Intelligence gathering, Communications, and humanitarian outreach with the Marine Expeditionary Forces … I haven’t had to take a shot that kills yet. I am too busy spreading the word that we’re the good guys in Farsi, or working with Nato Allies. I am an O-5 Larry, not an Idiot, or a thug, or a gang-banger.

    The problem is and always will be that the common white man will continue to ignore real history in the United States, even present history, as long as he doesn’t have to re-live it like a black man does.

    Hell, he will make shit up just like you – to not look. hear or taste the carnage on American streets today. Forever turn his back on what he calls the seedy underbelly of society… Naw, he left it to the destitute…. he left it for the Dark man, the Brown skinned man, or the yellow man. How many dirty white folk do you see begging on your Montana streets, compared to brothers Larry? Just a thought!

    White men are like hermit crabs. Always fighting for the bigger house. They never see past the next shell….

    I went into the military because my white mom told me it was the only way I would be accepted to do a good job without color being an issue, and she was right…. She taught me that MLK Quote, because as a liberal she knows not all white progressives give a damn about color either. Looks like your proving that quite nicely

    I am staying in the military now because I have a family to care for, and a country to serve with honor. You had your time Larry, and now we black educated Americans… Us “Darkies,” who you said shouldn’t have disturbed a Sanders rally( by your white account) need to get the hell off the national stage?

    I think well leave when we get what those broken promises you all tossed at us in the 60’s and never came through on….Equality and justice come to mind.

    Let me salute you with the middle finger you so rightly deserve Larry. Then forgive you for your white stupidity and ignorance.

    Let me give you another tidbit, you can chew on in your hermit shell white man. Norma told me she liked you for your comments once….But that changed with your righteous white man comments about race on this blog.

    I see nothing wrong with people making a case for their kind, color or condition. We all cant be as artful as you have been(Snark) let alone that white preacher man a few comments up from mine…. Realize some americans of color will make their own way known, even if the delivery is awkward… they were not some lazy blacks, you white folk think always walk around in baggy pants, listening to rap songs on their Iphones….. That bothered you all didn’t it?

    Change isn’t always pretty… Even Sanders accepted that. And he spoke to it when his time came. Maybe you should learn from him dude? Jus sayin!

    • What you AIN’T, Michael, is the greatest! He, and Malcom X, and MLK influenced not only black people in this country, but us white boys too! NEVER again will I go participate in a war against people of color who have done nothing to me, even to feed my family. You will. THAT is the difference, amigo. I am NOT like you in any sense! And never intend to be! Hope you can sleep at night. I sleep like a log!

  • Apparently you lost that MLK, and Malcolm X influence, when you started commenting against blacks on this blog…. and expected us all to keep quiet like good little American blacks? Seen but not heard isn’t in our reality….White boy.

    • p.s. to mami, petey, robby, and ALL my whiner detractors. HERE is BS, (Bernie sanders) in nineteen friggin’ ninety ONE! Were the two little fat broad agent provocateurs even BORN yet? I think not! Come ON, Murca! Frickin’ figure it OUT while we still have time! Feel the Bern! Don’t allow the inbreds to defeat Bernie through your stupidity! READ ferrchrissakes! It’s all OUT there! Mami, in STEAD of trying endlessly to get me banned…..AGAIN!, why don’t you prove your creds by getting Bernie elected???? I’ll wait.

      • Um, sure. I objected to a term. Didn’t mention you, whomever you are and however exhalted you seem to think you are in the blogosphere and you decide I’m “trying endlessly” to get you banned? That’s very strange. I think I choose to ignore you. Pick a fight elsewhere.

          • One thing I’ve noticed over the years, anon, is that anonymous posters are the biggest whiners and the least informed commenters out there! Ever notice that? Care to offer an opinion of your OWN on something in STEAD of other commenters you disagree with? No? I thought not. Now, back to commenters who actually have something to say. Tough way to go through life, attempting to make yourself relevant by attacking others, which is exactly what the Bernie protesters did! Think about it. Kinda sad, really. In stead of a life long commitment to improving the lives of all folks, including black folks, the two little protesters tried to steal Bernie’s thunder! I don’t theenk it worked.

  • What tha???? Where were the two little black chicks at THIS event? I’m SURE that Trumpolini, Il Douche, would surely have allowed them the stage!
    But ya know, there really IS a case to be made for Donny tRump. I can remember the old days of the mafia. Sure, they were loan sharks. But even THEY weren’t as usurious as these ReePubbie bassturds! The mafia at LEAST had some integrity and honor, but the current Pubes do not! And Trumpolini is right outta the mafia! He’s a made guy! With Trumpolini, we would get our OLD America back, our old mafia America back! When twenty percent interest was considered by ALL except the mafia to be usurious! But now, that’s CHUMP change to the Pubbies! And when you think about it, was the interest rate the mafia charged really all that bad? WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!…..when the mafia looked bad and the Pubbies looked reasonable!

    • If I were running Il Douche’s campaign, I would definitely be running on a platform to get ALL interests rates back to the mafia loan shark days! It’s a winner! And Homeland Security? No problem! Put all them guidos to work guardin’ your neighborhoods! I think it could work! Great slogan. A guido on every corner!
      Here’s the bumper sticker I’m gonna make up.
      tRump. He’s connected, he’s made, he’s our man!
      No bones about it, Donny will get things done!
      And when you think about it, would paying donnny’s protection rates be ANY worse than gettin’ shook down by the IRS to pay for the military industrial complex? I think not!

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