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Why is Congressman Zinke Hosting a Reception for a Retired General Who Called for A Coup? And Why Doesn’t The Press Care?

In more news you won’t see reported in the Montana press, Representative Zinke has recently continued his troubling associating with Paul Vallely, a retired right-wing general who has called for an armed revolution against the United States, this time going as far as to host a reception for him in Washington, D.C.

Zinke’s reception was part of what appears to have been a full day,with meetings in Congressional offices and drinks enjoyed by all, as they no doubt discussed the need to overthrow the Obama Administration to save the Constitution.11181786_10153031705884091_3999290495454696351_o-2-e1435433318671

Zinke has a long association with Vallely, as I reported on back in May 2014. Vallely was one of the founding board members of Zinke’s Special Operations for America Super PAC, and Zinke’s PAC entered into a “strategic partnership” with Vallely’s anti-Obama Super PAC back in 2012.

And that association is troubling. In addition to offering to lead a revolution to overthrow the federal government, Vallely helped organized an “American Spring” movement he believed would let to a violent conflict to save America, called for a citizens’ arrest of President Obama or replacing his administration with some vague group that might hold elections in a few months, and endorsed idiotic “birther” theories about President Obama.

Just last month, Vallely called for arresting President Obama for treason for “bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House,” among fourteen lunatic charges. If you can stomach it, at 6:20 in this video you can hear Vallely claim that Congress won’t arrrest President Obama because of a “fear of a black uprising.”

Last September, Vallely hoped for a massive terrorist attack against the United States, which he believed would “wake up” the American people to see Obama’s tyranny:

Vallely, who once pledged to lead an anti-Obama coup, hoped that either “divine intervention” or a “cataclysmic event” like a terrorist attack will “wake the American people up” to rise up against Obama’s “tyrannical government” and demand his administration resign en masse.

Also in attendance was retired general Tom McInerney, who told Fox News that a coming 9/11 would help reverse the “demographic” changes that are destroying America from within:

“We have a crisis not only in our economy and in our national security, but also in the demographics that is being changed at such a dramatic pace that we have not previously seen in our history,” he said. “To answer your question, when do people come up and say ‘enough is enough,’ that’s a very good question but I think this coming 9/11 is going to demonstrate, is now the time.”

That’s awfully subtle racist coding for the average Fox News viewer.

I don’t believe that the delusions of grandeur, massive though they are, shared by Mr. Vallely and Congressman Zinke pose an actual threat to democracy, but a state without a functioning political press just might. The Montana press, either out of indolence, incompetence, or fear, has given Congressman Zinke’s association with fringe anti-government groups a free pass during his entire paid rise from “moderate” Republican state senator to Fox News superstar. There’s ample evidence that Zinke has endorsed their dangerous worldview and associated with these groups, but the press has responded with silence.

A plagiarized college paper was a bombshell that required article after article, because the New York Times did most of the “reporting,” but a sitting Congressman hosting a reception for an anti-government lunatic? Just not important enough to bump printing arrest records and slideshows from the web page, I guess.

Represenative Zinke thinks it’s perfectly appropriate for a member of Congress to impugn the patriotism of the President of the United States, and by that logic, there’s no doubt that it’s approproate for me to do the same to a member of Congress.


Congressman Zinke needs to be called to account for his association with this general. That’s what a functioning press would do.

And Congressman Zinke need to both apologize for this meeting and repudiate Vallely’s views. That’s what a patriot would do.

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  • Check out a last draft of Eisenhower’s Farewell Address
    where he said “beware the military industrial complex. . . ”

    Is it still likely a final draft went like:
    ” . . . beware the military industrial political complex . . . ” ?

    • Bob, I think that commandante Herr Slinky probably said it best when he said, and I quote, “Fascism in the defense of patriotism is no vice”! I theenk he stole that line from his little bald headed butt buddy he chose for loot goober, Livingscam. Remember him?! He was kinda like Slinky’s lil’ buddy, sort of like a nazzzi Gilligan’s Island character! Remember, he had his own private CIA………bwhahahahahhahahaa!
      Slinky is showing his true colors. What a fascist little moron. But really, with a name like Commandante Zinke, what the hell WOULD you expect? The dude goose steps with the best of them! Jeezus. ONLY in northern Montana would this bozo be a hit!

  • For some more context, do ask of informed voters,
    if as a U.S. Representative
    John Lewis would have moved
    to continue Montana subsidy of Coal oligopoly,
    then quickly grant new incentive$ to Monsanto-Koch,

    then prompt-ly support what looks like,
    loose cannon militancy expense$.

  • HOG ALERT! The good news is that if these fat inbred basturds get any fatter, they WILL not be able to procreate! Guess that’s natures way of insuring survival of the species! Fat and dumb die out! I mean, really, just LOOK at that fat hog in the pic. WHO has a manhood long enough to impregnate such a porker? And secondly, is there REALLY enuff booze out there to get a guy drunk enuff to even consider it??? Desperate times call for desperate measures! IS there such a thing as a manhood exender???? I wouldn’t know!

  • I have always wondered why anyone, even in the Flathead, and including the retired general himself, takes Paul Valley’s views on policy seriously. Those seeking money from his network must have great difficulty keeping a straight face when he utters his thoughts.

  • I’m wondering if anyone has the actual source of Zinke’s fascism statement. Can we find it in writing? On any specific blog entry? It should get more circulation but it can’t be done without verification.

    • Dan, my guess would be that that crazy bastard LK made it up just to embarrass our fine goose steppin’ congressman. He does that kinda stuff all the time simply because he has too much time on his hands. He needs to get a real job! Really, impugning the integrity of the barking seal is a wee bit over the top in my book!

      • Thanks, Nate. LK? Real name?
        As for impugning Zinke’s integrity, I’m not so sure there’s much there, and I have no qualms about doing it as long as I know I’m telling the truth. He’s not worthy of our concern, IMHO. He lied his way into the job and is lying his way through it

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