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Weekend Recap

These are a few of the stories from last week that got my attention:

The Wisconsin State Journal in Madison, Wis., one of the flagship newspapers of Lee Enterprises, announced the layoffs of four staff members.  The State Journal will also not be refilling the positions of three other staffers, including a reporter who covered higher education.  The main campus of Wisconsin’s university system is in Madison.

Lee Enterprises owns five newspapers in Montana and recently laid off its two state bureau reporters. The downward spiral continues.

No tears shed for Exxon subsidiary Imperial Oil and the $2 billion that delays, thanks to protesters in Montana and Idaho, cost the company.  The protests also forced Imperial/Exxon to relocate a major portion of its manufacturing to Alberta instead of South Korea, where the initial equipment was made. The Kearls oil sands project could end up being the dirtiest fossil fuel project, ever.  It’s about a ten hour drive from the Montana border.

For every one criminal killed in self defense, 34 innocent people die from guns in the hands of criminals.  That’s according the Washington Post.  I figured that Don would post on this because he was my initial source but maybe he’s taking a break from gun stories.  There are also 78 suicides and two accidental deaths for every one “justifiable” gun homicide.

The Charleston massacre isn’t just about racism, guns and mental illness, according to Psychology Today.  It’s also about the dumbing down of America.  Anti-intellectualism, hyper-patriotism and fundamentalism all take their toll on critical thinking.  The author asks, “isn’t ignorance at the root of racism?”  I think we know the answer to that.

Which brings us to the Confederate flag.  Flathead Memo’s James Conner is usually quite measured at his blog but his passion comes out in a Friday post.  It’s the third post from the top under the headline, “Solstice facts, Flathead lake, Gov. Haley joins Roof’s suicide pact.”  Here’s an excerpt: “Take down that flag. Now. Never fly it again. Lock it in the attic with the hoods, sheets, hanging ropes, and cross burning paraphernalia.”

About 1500 people showed up for the Big Sky Pride parade in Missoula last Saturday.  Family comes first so, unfortunately, I was out of town for the weekend.  Here are some excellent photos from the Missoulian‘s Tom Bauer.



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  • Speaking of dumb, just when did ol’ Sen. Cornhole Burns grow a beard?! Remember, ol’ Cornhole was one of only two senators to vigorously defend the use of the Confederidiot Flag! AND, Cornhole was our first politico to warmly lay out the welcome mat for every inbred racist out there! He let it be known that Montana was open for bidness, the RACIST bidness! And buddy let me tell ya they’re comin’! It’s genocide out there I tell ya, freakin’ gen O cide!
    I want my country back. I want ol’ Cornhole back! Them were the days when a U.S. senator could use words like raghead and n*gger and not only NOT get in trouble, but get a bump in the polls!

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