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Representative Zinke Took Campaign Donations from White Supremacists

Politico is reporting that in addition to taking money from white supremacist Earl Holt III, whose writings were referenced in Charleston shooter Dylann Roof’s racist manifesto, Reprentative Ryan Zinke took a $500 donation from Whitefish white supremacist Richard Spencer during his 2014 House campaign.



Spencer is the head of an organization called The National Policy Institute, which describes itself as “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world.” The Southern Poverty Law Center more accurately describes Spencer as “a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old, a kind professional racist in khakis,” while the Anti-Defamation League calls him ” a sym­bol of a new gen­er­a­tion of intel­lec­tual white suprema­cists.”

To get just a sense of how despicable Spencer is, one needs merely watch the first few minutes of this video clip.

In Whitefish, Spencer drew attention to himself by being expelled from the Big Mountain Ski Club for his racist views and statements, as well as for inspiring the people of Whitefish to rise up to support an anti-hate ordinance to block his National Policy Institute from conducting business in their town.

Spencer’s donation to Zinke may be even more troubling than the one from Holt, for the simple reason that both men live in Whitefish, a relatively small community. That Zink took the money in the first place is problematic enough, but it’s even more troubling to imagine why Zinke’s local eugenics advocate donated to his campaign. What about Zinke’s message resonated enough with this new generation racist that he made his one campaign contribution of 2014 to Mr. Zinke?

More details about the donation to come.

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  • Slinky the Barking Seal (code named barking spider) gets caught palin’ around with white supremnits! Does that really surprise anyone? Not me. Seems like the seals have a reputation for killing ragheads and loving every minute of it! The Charleston shooter simply did the same! He was emulating his heroes, the Merikkkan sniper dude! I say put him in the general population of the prison so he can continue his one man army attack on the black inmates! I’m quite SURE that he’s man enough to take out a bunch of them. I mean, any dude who shoots an 87 yr. old grandmother with a .45 has to be one tough hombre! Let him take his country back, RIGHT after he takes the prison back! Like Martin Luther King Jr., he has a dream. Now, let him LIVE it!

    • Ryan Zinke Election signs I saw, did not need to disclose name
      of Treasurer.

      Ryan Zinke news releases promote sloganeering, with no need to
      disclose interview conversation.

      He gets to play by special rules, because he’s assigned to specialized missions. Relate to extremists in the big tent of the Central Right coalition of Montana Republicans.

      Maybe be able to relate to Southern extremists in the US Senate.

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