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More Evidence You Can’t Take the Anti-Common Core Zealots Seriously

Some breaking news from the conservative commentary site Media Trackers Montana and Concerned Women for America—those godless socialists in our public schools are using the Common Core to teach students how to perform math functions, interpret graphs, and rely on factual information to evaluate arguments! Worse yet, they’re providing accurate information about a U.S. economic policy to do so.

Media Matters has bravely posted the horrific document here, which rightly notes such controversial and accurate claims like the fact that the minimum wage has not kept up with inflation, that some cities and states are pushing for higher minimums than the federal standard, and that the President of the United States wants to increase it. It’s not a political document; nor is it a persuasive text. Instead, it’s a real world application of math concepts like inflation and the wages for various professions. It’s exactly the kind of math with relevant information our students need to both understand and stay interested in math.

In an effort to keep political agenda out of schools, Concerned Women for America wanted to interrupt math class to have a local businessman come explain the EVILS of paying workers a higher minimum wage:

Zeier said that, after herself and other parents got wind of the assignment, another parent and local business owner offered to talk to the class about the potential pitfalls of raising the minimum wage, but “the request didn’t go anywhere.” Zeier, who through her role with CWA has spoken out against the controversial Common Core State Standards for Montana, emphasized that she is very much pro-public schools and was highly complimentary of the school that her children attend and its staff. However, she said that she and other parents are concerned about seeing assignments that seem to be pushing a political agenda.

I assume they won’t be coming to English classes to explain irony any time soon.

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