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Famous Potatoheads


Our neighbors to the west cut off their noses to spite their faces.

According to the New York Times, a committee at the Idaho Legislature killed a bill that would enforce child support across national boundaries.  It’s an international treaty and needs the approval of all 50 states.  Because the language came from the feds and worse yet, the Hague, the House committee shot it down.

By doing so, Idaho could lose millions of dollars in federal subsidies unless legislators change their minds.  From the Times:

Federal officials said that $16 million in funding for Idaho’s child welfare system would be cut within 60 days, effectively dismantling the state’s child support enforcement arm, which can take steps like garnishing a parent’s pay. Another $30 million in block grants could dry up too, including federal money for Head Start, the preschool program for low-income children.

The Idaho Legislature makes the Montana Legislature look like an enlightened, compassionate, forward-thinking body.  On the other hand, to my knowledge, the Montana Legislature has yet to weigh in on this treaty.

UPDATE:  We’re not potatoheads.  The Montana Legislature passed the child support bill (HB 277) by large majorities and the governor signed it.  Hat tip to Ann.


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