Democrats Should Welcome Gianforte


The Montana Legislative Session is coming to an end, but the 2016 gubernatorial race is just beginning. Governor Bullock will run for re-election in a strong position. His approval numbers are high and he’s managed to avoid a messy session, while still getting much of his agenda through. It’s also clear that the Montana GOP is a little lost when it comes to identifying the best line of attack against the Governor.

Things may just get even better for Bullock once Greg Gianforte jumps into the race. Why? Greg Gianforte is the Donald Trump of Montana.

Does the social conservative have loads of money? Sure, but no amount of money can cover-up crazy. Instead of worrying about Gianforte’s personal wealth, Democrats and moderates should welcome his entry into the race.

If the wealthiest candidate won in Montana, Rehberg would be a Senator and Rick Hill would occupy the Governor’s mansion.

[pullquote]no amount of money can cover-up crazy… Greg Gianforte is the Donald Trump of Montana. [/pullquote]

Let’s examine where the wealthy “eccentric” stands on some issues.

Does Gianforte believe “the Earth is no more than 6,000 years old, and dinosaurs and people coexisted before the Noah’s biblical great flood”? Yes.

Does Gianforte believe homosexuals are a danger to your community? Yes.

Does Gianforte fund pro-discrimination organizations and oppose the celebration of Halloween? Yes.

The National Journal got it right this week when they wrote that Gianforte “has a long and socially conservative record [Democrats are] eager to pick apart.” Top Democratic operative Dave Hunterhas put it this way, “while I personally think [Daines is] just as conservative, we couldn’t prove it, we can prove it on Gianforte.”

As long as Bullock manages to aggressively fundraise, his allies should be welcoming Gianforte to the race with open arms.

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