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GOP Running Ads Against Its Own Members

The schism in the Montana GOP has been well covered over the last two sessions. It’s a battle between the sane wing of the Republican Party and the TEA Party wing of the GOP.

Yesterday, 11 sane and responsible Republican Representatives had the brains and courage to help get Medicaid expansion to the floor for a debate and vote. Now the establishment is running ads against their own party members (see the screen shot below).

I wonder if Chris Shipp, Executive Director of the Montana GOP will be getting any angry calls from the Representatives and Senators he’s supposed to be working for? Democrats are jumping for joy at the site of the GOP eating their own – that should be enough for the GOP establishment to check itself… you’d think.


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  • Seems more like a new normal, Tea Party Republicans + Libertarian Republicans+ Independent Republicans comprising the The Grand Tea Party Alliance.
    #1. Or the Grand Alliance Party. GAP. Number one in numbers of Montana Senators, also Representatives.
    #2.Democrat Party Officeholders.
    #3. Mainline moderate Republican officeholders, without conflicting tea party oaths/responsibilities etc. GOP.

    GAP has momentum and the numbers.
    GAP gave us raw milk and what else of Public Value?
    GAP diverted us from discussing the Montana Tax Holiday
    for Gas and Oil investments-speculation.
    GAP frags GOP Officeholders, and Candidates.
    GAP is the might makes right, moral majority
    in the Montana House and Senate.

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