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ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for 05 April 2015

Another great collection of links this week, including article about how corporate front groups are exploiting 501 (c) (3) groups, the impact of a state EITC for Montana, an effort to end term limits, the “intellectual” appeal of term limits, and a brilliant assessment of Art Wittich. Enjoy!

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  • Term Limits are good idea and besides the voters have spoken on this issue. The voter don’t want career politicians in Helena. We can’t blame term limits for candidates not doing their homework.

    • Dude, career politicians? Really? Name a few. What you REALLY meant to say was career lobbyists!, for that is all that’s left of institutional memory. The lobbyists are now making policy. and this is NOT a good thing! Like all ReePubes, you’re gettin’ your federal and state politicians mixed up. There are NO career politicians in the Montana Lege. For they are citizen legislators. And what happens when you term out the good ones who finally understand the process and procedures, you end up with assholes like Fart Twittich and Panerin’ Randy Panucci! In other words, a whole BUNCH of panuccis!

  • In 2000 we had more candidates running because of term limits. What have the incumbents done for us lately. I’ve seen some long term legislators sleeping during hearings because health wise they should retired long ago. You can’t simply get elected and expect this to be a 8 to 5 job with lobbyist dinners in the evening. We want to blame the system, but not the candidates for not doing their work. The voters want new blood in the legislature, other wise we get the same thing every session.

  • If voters want new blood, they can vote for challengers. Nothing requires them to vote for incumbents. You want us to believe that you don’t trust the incumbents, but in reality the group you don’t trust is the voters.

    I’m assigning you some reading: “A Necessary Evil,” by Gary Wills. If you’ve already read it, reread it.

  • Only the good die young. Need proof? Tim Babcock made it to 95! The evil that men do lives long after them. Timmy’s legacy of environmental crime is long and distinguished, and will live long after him! No wonder Slinky the Barking Seal thinks ol’ timmy was a great man! Slinky is just as venal! Babcock was responsible for some of the most horrific mining disasters in Montana, a gift that will keep giving forever! Zortman/Landusky is a monument to Tim’s evil! As is this:
    RIP, tim. You’ve done enough damage to Montana for TWO lifetimes!

  • Get rid of all these incumbent protections laws that get passed and maybe the voters will vote in some new blood. Look at 3rd parties, Laws across the country are designed to limit those 3rd parties from the process. The incumbent protection laws want to keep the two party system intact. If we have the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment then the laws should be equal for all parties in the states. We don’t have that now.

  • Given gerrymandered districts, a way to draw real new blood,
    might be for a City or County to opt out of Red Blue duopoly,
    opt in to citizens selecting citizens at Primaries

    Maybe decades later Montana break free
    And have citizens Legislators and Governor!

    Sound too damn idealistic?

    Remember it was “Beware the military, industrial, political complex”
    in the draft of Ike’s Farewell.

    Remember how many voted for an obvious extremist apperatchik
    for Supreme Court Judge, of Montana.

    Remember a few more votes,

    Look around, has tea party momentum effectively taken over County Government in four or five Districts, locked into a big R, small d, gerrymandered real estate. Call it the R/d Political System.

    Not going to change here in Ravalli for generations!
    Maybe longer for Whitefish.
    Billings may be economically disposed to current tea party alliances with business and commerce.
    High end Bozeman elite tea party networks will strengthen.
    What might happen in Cascade?

    If major voting blocks locked into R/d system,
    and if sustanable economic process worth long term work,
    and ocean and climate heating is problem

    then maybe got to look for Laws that will benefit all Montana.
    Like voiding the fossil fuel subsidy of the Tax Holiday
    for Bakken Investments.

    In a citizen Legislature, broadly responsible citizens go to leadership say on Appropriations. Leaders bring up Community needs early.

    End of Session discussion of improving School in Miles City,
    or Sewer in over stressed Montana Bakken,
    was the Plan of the Carpet Baggers.

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