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And Then Congressman Zinke Lied About that Terrible Budget

Written by Don Pogreba

This morning, Congressman Zinke appeared on Montana This Morning and lied about the terrible budget House Republicans just passed, telling the KPAX anchor that:

So we passed a budget. It’s fixable…. As a result, we passed a budget and the budget was bipartisan. There was only about 37 individuals out of 435 that voted against it.

That is the kind of lie we’ve come to expect from Congressman Zinke, as a member of Congress and as a candidate. The truth, of course, is that the Medicare-killing, Pell Grant slashing budget barely passed the House on a 228-199 vote, with 17 Republicans voting against it. The only thing bipartisan about this budget was the opposition to it.

Separately, Congress did have a rare moment of bipartisanship when it passed a fix for Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors on a 392-37 vote, but that certainly wasn’t the “budget” Zinke claimed was going to end the deficit.

The most frustrating part about this six-minute interview was that the reporter told viewers that Zinke “wanted to talk about the budget,” and obligingly moved to that subject–but never challenged him when he lied. Now, I realize the Montana media only calls out politicians who are “straight shooters” when they lie, but perhaps it’s time for someone to call out Congressman Zinke for this pattern of deceiving voters when he moves away from his well-worn patriotic one-liners.

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