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Must Read Column by Dan Bucks: Repealing the 20th Century

Dan Bucks, who served as the Montana Director of the Department of Revenue from 2005-2013, has written a very insightful column about the conservative effort to roll back the post World War 2 progressive budget policies that helped power the American economy and grow the middle class. It’s an important read—both because it offers needed support for state budgeting priorities that protect the interests of people living there and a warning about the dangers erasing that progress to impose the “new” old conservatism of the McKinley Era.

Bucks writes that progressive policies to build education and infrastructure were critical into making the United States the world’s leading economic power:

After the war, the states continued the expansion of high school education and also took on the task of vastly expanding public higher education — efforts that continued to require increased revenue. All through that period, the federal, state, and local governments increased taxes and invested in infrastructure at unprecedented levels. In no small part, state and local governments’ decisions to both tax and spend contributed mightily to transforming the United States into the leading nation in the world.

The entire piece, originally published by Tax Analysts, is available here.

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  • Super good read, for years to come!

    I understand even more, when I remind myself Dan Bucks wrote this seminal article for Tax Analysts.

    So on second read i added in MASSIVE UPWARDS INCOME REDISTRIBUTION of QE1,2,3 by the FED.

    And the human conditions in Our Country, suggest to me, outlines of a Republic on the way to becoming a Democracy, now morphing into a media merchanidised plutocracy empire.

    Goldman Sachs comfortable with either Hilary or Jeb.

    (out of context, from the article) “Objective facts about the human condition don’t count, only ideology and the interests
    of the right people do.”[count]

    Bob Williams

  • As I read this article I wondered, the entire time, why you had a photo of Ryan Zinke, photo shopped with period clothing, attached. I asked my husband to read it and see if I was missing the connection. It’s not Zinke but oh my gosh, does it look like him with those funny eyebrows and the scowl! How funny!

  • Put this one in the you’ve-got-to-be-SH*TTING me dept! Inbred christosfascism has finally come to Montana! In a big way! How? And why? It just doesn’t compute. Come ON, people! Time to wake the fluck UP! I’ve only been trying to explain this to you for some twenty YEARS now! And where the hell are the mainstream religions? We have no Oscar Romeros here in Montana. Only Oscar Meyer WEENIE pseudo preachers! And that’s just real flucking sad!
    When are you finally gonna fight back? I just don’t get it.

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