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ICYMI: Montana Political Reads, Ides of March Edition

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  • As to the CSKT agreement and Taylor’s concern there is precedent from Washington state concerning privately owned tidelands and shellfish harvesting.,3693748

    When it comes to the Ides of March, I can’t think of any more important issue than education. Not just Caesar has died marking this day.

      • That settlement was between commercial harvesters and the Tribes. It did not address entering upon private land without permission of the landowner. I believe that was the thrust of Taylor’s warning about the CSKT agreement.

        • It might have been the thrust of Taylor’s warning. Unfortunately, Taylor simply asserted that the compact allows members of the CSKT to enter private lands without permission. He didn’t cite any authority, any statute, any court decision, any statement by a CSKT attorney. He just said that if the compact is approved, a bad thing will happen. Perhaps he believes that because he once served in the legislature, we should take him at his word and not ask questions. I think he needs to back up his statement or withdraw it, and I think it’s eminently reasonable, especially given the seriousness of his assertion, to demand that he explain himself.

          Incidentally, the shellfish dispute involves a Stevens Treaty (the Medicine Creek Treaty), but that treaty’s language contains a reference to shellfish not found in the Hellgate Treaty that’s the nexus of the CSKT compact.

          Readers not familiar with the shellfish dispute will find it interesting. For 135 years, the Nisqually, et al, did not assert in court their treaty based right to take shellfish in the tidelands of Puget Sound. During that time, the state of Washington sold tidelands to private citizens without advising them that the title to the tidelands was subject to the treaty — and the federal government failed defend the rights of the tribes as was its duty. Thus when the federal district court ruled for the tribes in the early 1990s, the tidelands were developed, the shore was occupied, and there was no way in many cases to prevent tribal members from crossing private land to gain access to private tidelands. Worse, the court ruled that the tribes had the right to access natural shellfish beds that lay under cultivated shellfish beds.

          The cases were appealed to the 9th Circuit, where they were largely upheld, and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, which denied cert in the spring of 1999. That led to the agreement concluded in 2007. As Craig notes, the agreement is imperfect. That’s not surprising given the circumstances. I suspect the situation will evolve for years, perhaps decades, before all the issues settle out.

          There are three takeaways for the shellfish dispute we should consider. First, although the rights reserved to the tribes were not asserted for 135 years, they were not extinguished by the absence of assertion. Second, federal courts interpret treaties with Indians according to canons that are very much in the favor of the tribes. Third, non-tribal members who litigate these issues who believe that an increasingly conservative judiciary will start handing down anti-Indian decisions, or that an increasingly conservative Congress will terminate reservations and abrogate these treaties, are very much deluded.

          Opponents of the CSKT compact should be mindful of the legal landscape and history.

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  • I have always maintained that anyone who believes the earth is four thousand years old is an idiot, and I still do. Need proof? Well, listen to Pee Wee Daines’ first “major” speech as a senator. What a joke. He treats the audience to his grandma story fercrhrissakes! Really? The grandma story again? WTFaaaaa?? THAT’S why we sent you to D.C., Pee Wee? To regale your fellow senators with your grandma stories??? What a buffoon! Oh and yes, now that Pee Wee’s a senator, he’s STILL railing against the D.C. crowd! Even though he ARE one! Idiot!
    Bottom line? Not one piece of substance! It was his basics stump speech! It took Pee Wee eleven whole minutes to say what I could have said in one decent fart! He must be waiting for the Big Kockh talking points to come! And we thought sen. cornhole burns was the dumbest man in the senate! Boy were WE wrong!
    Be proud of what you sent there, Montana, for it’s only going to get worse!

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