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Montana Politics

Republican Conception of Liberty at the Montana Legislature

Written by Don Pogreba

If you listen to the rhetoric from Montana Republicans at the Legislature, you’ll hear a lot of talk about liberty. At every turn, they pontificate about the precious freedoms granted by the Montana and United States constitutions, but you don’t often see a collection of their liberty together, so I’ve put together a primer about just what kinds of freedom Montana Republicans believe in.

Montana Republicans believe that:

Liberty. In the timeless words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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  • How about the freedom to rip the coal out of Eastern Montana, pollute the streams there, transport it across the state to the West Coast, to be shipped to China and burned, so goods can be produced cheaply and shipped back to the U.S.? (SJ-13 & SB-159)

  • The inbreds whine endlessly about freedumb, but when was the last time your heard them whine about justice? Or fairness? Doesn’t happen. Stealin’ everything for their Big Kockh benefactors is freedumb in inbred world, but nuthin’ about how fair that is!

  • How about liberty from all forms of gubmint – except when it comes to the gubmint giving THEM all kinds of perks from their own healthcare, farm subsidies, etc and the cushy job as legislators?

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