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8 More M&M Takeaways

Pete Talbot had a great “takeaways” post today. I encourage you to read it HERE. I wanted to offer another “takeaways” post in regards to the Montana Democrats’ Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner (M&M). So, here are my 8 takeaways from the 2015 M&M Dinner.

1. Angela McLean is the Democratic Party’s current superstar

“Keep an eye on Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean. I hadn’t seen her in action before but believe she could be headed for higher office. Of the Montanans speaking, she gave the most rousing speech — much hooting and hollering, and many standing ovations,” wrote Pete Talbot. He’s completely right. No one does a better job getting Democrats off their asses than McLean. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Prior to being tapped by Governor Bullock for the LG position, McLean was apparently looking to run for OPI. She would have been great in that position, but my guess is that she’s running for Governor in 6 years. No one has done more to create a political network of support as quickly as she has.

2. Labor got some deserved attention, but not enough

Last week I wrote a “plea” to Montana Democrats. You can read that HERE. Democrats – from the grassroots to the insiders – seem to have forgotten that labor is the movement that allows for all other movements within progressive politics. To underplay their significance or importance is politically obtuse. Both Nancy Keenan and Angela McLean gave labor big shout-outs. The rest of the speakers were less vocal and that was disappointing.

3. Hillary Clinton is running for President

In case you hadn’t heard, Hillary Clinton is running for President. One of Hillary’s biggest boosters – Montana’s own Stephanie Schriock – made it to M&M. However, while some Democrats were spotted wearing Hillary lapel stickers and carrying placards, the enthusiasm for her was less than palpable.

4. Denise isn’t running

Juneau made it clear that she isn’t running for anything. It’s not surprising. What did people think she would run for? Congress in 2016 and Governor in 2018 are possibilities, but we’ll have to wait and see.

5. Monica has a new banner

Monica Lindeen has a new banner because she’s running for Secretary of State. She also gave an impassioned speech in support of the ACA. Well done.

6. Linda gave her best speech

Secretary of State McCulloch gave her best speech to date. She didn’t go on and on about being “proud to be a Democrat.” Instead, she took it to the Republican, dropped the mic, and walked off stage. “Republicans wouldn’t know a good bill if it bit them in the ass,” she said before walking off stage. She was referring to the GOP’s opposition to online voter registration.

7. There are other candidates out there

Melissa Romano, a Helena schoolteacher was out in full force last night. She is running for OPI and appears to have the backing of MEA-MFT and Denise Juneau. It also sounds like Jesse Laslovich is getting close to announcing his candidacy for State Auditor. Best of luck to both of them.

8. Carville has an accent

Carville was funny, although I’m sure some of my fellow Montanans had a bit of trouble with that southern accent. He did a great job and it was fun to have such a big personality as the keynote.

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  • there is no greater example of the failure of the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton. how about you, Calamity? do you support a sociopath interventionist who blames Obama for not destroying Syria, falsely claiming that is the reason for ISIS? do you support a politician who neocons like Robert Kagan admire? do you support Hillary’s use of the State Department to cheerlead for corporate interests, like fracking ? (which is probably why she kept her emails on a private account). please don’t respond with lesser-evilism.

  • Thanks, Calamity, for the additional “takeaways” and insights. I wanted to mention Sec. McCulloch’s speech but couldn’t remember, word-for-word, her final line. It was a great one, though.

    And liz, after reading a few of Calamity’s posts, I don’t see her as being a champion of Hillary, but I shouldn’t speak on her behalf. I tend to agree with your assessment of Ms. Clinton; however, at some point, after exhausting all other avenues, “lesser-evilism” is a legitimate argument.

  • Thanks, Pete. I also should have written about Sen. Tester taking it to Zinke… That was very interesting, don’t you think?

    And re: Hillary. I don’t know where anyone is getting that I’m a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I’m not going to say I won’t eventually support her if she wins the nomination, but my enthusiasm for her candidacy is lacking. I want a strong economic progressive as President and she isn’t convincing on that issue.

    • but you will eventually support her, and your vote will be a vote for insane interventionist foreign policy, corporate fealty to big donors, like Citigroup, and whatever stance big money tells her to take. lesser-evlism is just a more scenic path to hell.

      • It’s hard to believe you would oppose Soros, Media Matters, American Bridge, and Correct the Record and their heel clicking salute and support of Mrs. Clinton. As Correct the Record reports, “ At her Silicon Valley speech last week, Hillary spoke about the importance of bipartisanship, saying that we can’t make progress on the biggest issues facing our country if we don’t work across the aisle and listen to each other. Hillary said, “I’d like to bring people from the right, left, red, blue, get them into a nice, warm purple space where everybody is talking and where we’re actually trying to solve problems.”

        BTW, what did you do to the Missoulian to ban you?

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