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Working America. You are the enemy.

Presidential hopeful Governor Scott Walker spoke at CPAC the other day and what he had to say embodies everything wrong with the Republican Party and their anti-worker agenda. It was shocking.

While pandering to right-wingers, Walker said that he was ready to take on ISIS because of his experience busting up unions. Did Scott Walker really just compare unions to ISIS? Is he calling middle class working families terrorists? Extremists? Is it really “extremist” to demand a safe working environment and a living wage from your employer? Scott Walker thinks so.

It’s ironic that conservatives chastise progressives for pushing “class warfare” when their most prominent leaders are literally comparing a fight against ISIS to the fight that must be waged against working class families.

Make no mistake, working America. You are the enemy.

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  • Global de-industrialization has been a bipartisan effort. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and the “secret” negotiations the Obama Administration is conducting on trade agreements with Asia and Europe dwarf Scott Walker’s contribution to the causes of fewer members and weaker unions. Productivity increased more rapidly in the industrial manufacturing sector than in the service sector, hitting union labor especially hard. It is bipartisan trade and tax policy, however, that threatens workers most. But you’re conclusion is generally correct: “…working America. You are the enemy.”

    • In many ways, I would agree. Both Parties need to re-focus on the middle class that has been abandoned. The GOP, however, is aggressive in attacking the middle class, while some Democrats are complacent. Generally, of course.

    • Sorry, dufus. Don’t see a Big Kockh in there anywhere. Do you?? Nazi propaganda is very effective! And really, when you think about it, the Dems can NOT promise Jeezus like you Pubes do! Sorry.

      • Your peeps, craigy. Your party! You should be DAMN proud of them, for they are your intelligentsia!…….such as it is. Yes, craigy, you inbreds have a LOT to be proud of! And really, when you morons ask why I call you inbreds inbreds, well, just WATCH AND LEARN! And oh, btw, Dem equivalent please! Too funny. Embrace your inner inbred, craigy. You know you want to!
        And for the record, can you PUHHLEEZE stop asking me why I call you’all the party of the inbreds??? It really should be obvious by now.
        F*cking PATHETIC how low the Pubes have sunk!

        • PuhhhhhRAZE Vitory! I’ve seen the light! After watching the Pubbie Pope, the Duckturd Dynasty Dude several times, I see that he’s right! God created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve! And the ELEVENTH Commandment addresses that! (the one that Moses forgot!)
          11. Head is head un LESS it’s from Fred!
          Too bad THAT one isn’t on the courthouse lawn, no?!
          So, my children, if they inbreds want to put the ten commandments on your courthouse lawn, make SURE they include the Eleventh!

          • p.s. Also, it seems that what the Pube Pope, Duckturd the First, is saying is that if you want to please Jeezus, MARRY a big fat woman with OUT a name but only initials! (like he did!) And then, you will know the peace of the Lawyord!……and maybe hell on earth too! HEY, somebody’s gotta do it! Do it that is with them big fat gi NORMOUS mamas! Take one for the LAWyord! She’ll lose about a hunnert pounds in the afterlife for ya!…..maybe! If’n they don’t have McDonalds up yonder!
            PuhhhhRAZE Vitory!

    • Want your daily dose of bullsh*t? Well, that explains that. Now I know why John Adams left the GF Spitoon. What a joke paper. Now, they are going to have a “faith” reporter, because in their words, “religion is a big part of our readers lives”! What a crock of horse sh*t! What the hell ARE we, a great big HOOT colony? This guy is an idiot. What an insult. How DARE this moron insinuate to know what people in GF think about religion! Most thinking people see the results of religious nonsense from around the world and are outraged at the damage the caused by religion! In fact, most young people consider themselves to be nones! They HAVE no religious beliefs! It’s only the inbred christofascist fundiwackmentalists in GF who are whining all the time that they are being persecuted, and this is the group apparently influencing the Spitoon! What an insult!
      There are no atheists in a foxhole, and there are no critical thinkers in church! That’s just the way it is.
      Adams will be much better off using his talents in a different format.
      Welcome to christofascism!

      • Maybe the FG Spitoon’s “faith reporter” (tee hee) could start with a story on THESE folks!
        It really pains me to see a once great newspaper now pandering to the Panderin’ Randy Panucci crowd here in GF. WTF is WRONG with the morons at the Spitoon?
        The Spitoon gave undo coverage to the Teatard crowd from the git go, never once asking them any real questions! Every time Cleve Looney and his wacko girlfriend farted on the Civic Center steps, the Spitoon was there to sniff it up and put it on the front page! They actually aided and abetted the rise of the inbreds currently in Helena, LIKE ol’ Pee Cup himself, Panderin’ Randy Panucci!
        And now, they want to give legitimacy to every inbred snake handler out there! They’re going to do in depth reports on people’s faith. WHAT A JOKE! That’s just real sad. Pathetic actually. I mean, just how many ways can you say that the Invisible Sky Being is so important in your life?? Guess will find out with the hard hitting news from the Spitoon!
        p.s. Don’t they realize how insulting this is to folks who prefer to keep their faith to themselves and NOT trumpet it like the inbreds? After all, a true religious experience is a very, very personal matter! And those are the only ones that really count.

  • Another group that hated unions and workers. And remember, Prescott Bush, Scalia’s daddy, and the Kockh daddy ALL big supporters of this group! Were YOUR ancestors big Hitler fans?

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