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Zinke has Egg on his Face, Courtesy of Marco Rubio and Co.

For the last week, Representative Ryan Zinke has embarrassed himself and the state by desperately attempting to score political points on Senator Tester regarding (ironically) the GOP’s unwillingness to pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill. You need to read Don Pogreba’s analysis on the subject HERE.

But here’s a quick summary: Congress needs to pass a DHS funding bill; political opportunists like Ryan Zinke jammed an immigration provision into the bill; now the DHS funding bill is stalled and the government is on the brink of another shutdown. Oh, and Ryan Zinke is trying to blame Senator Tester in what is a sad, but obvious prelude to his Senatorial bid in  2018.

Enter Senator and probable Presidential candidate Marco Rubio. As of yesterday, Rubio (who could be the standard bearer for the GOP next year) joined the growing chorus of Republicans telling their nut-fringe to “back off and pass the funding bill.”

Rubio told the Las Vegas Review Journal, “We can’t let Homeland Security shut down.”

Senator Heller, a Republican from Nevada has said that it’s time to pass a funding bill and that it’s bad strategy for the GOP “to attempt to use a spending bill in order to try to poke a finger in the president’s eye.”

Senator Kirk, a Republican from Illinois went further. “I generally agree with the Democratic position here,” Kirk said. “I think we should have never fought this battle on DHS funding.”

Zinke, who is a political opportunist extraordinaire, has some egg on his face and his would-be colleagues in the U.S. Senate are none-to-impressed.

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