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ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for 15 February 2015

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About the author

Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • KaaaBOOM! What an horrific crash! The teatard clown car ran full speed SMACK into the wall separating the press from insanity! Wow! I never thought I’d live to see it! The press in Montana has FINALLY found their nuts AND their voice! And hey, why not?! They live here too! They have JUST as much right as all these inbred transplants from outta state (ms. fiddler, ms. lammpoon, ms. laffloopy, kris handscum et al) to have a say as to how our beautiful state is to be run!
    Oh sure, you can be the most dumbassed, inbred, christofundiwackmentalist moron that you WANT to be! That’s your right. But that does NOT mean that you get to move your moronic idiotic inbred christofascist ass to Montana and start dictating to us just how we should live and run our state! You’re WAY outta line, ms. dipshit lammpoon! And no, Bozeman is NOT the same as that little inbred town in the Midwest that you’re from! BIG difference. Huge difference actually! So stop pretending that just because you SUCKLED at the “generosity” of mr. giantturd, OOPS!, I mean mr. Giantefart, that you know anything about Montana, for you don’t!
    Many years ago, I used to get so damn annoyed at the outta staters who would move to Billings and whine about how we had no culture here in Montana. Well, I would tell them straight out that if you don’t LIKE it here, move your ass back! For I always thought that we had plenty enough culture in Montana!
    And now, we have these inbreds like Ms. Lammpoon and Kriz Handscum and Ms. Fiddler moving here to destroy all that makes Montana Montana! Our education system? Really? Screw YOU you outta state inbred wackjobs! We never even questioned our education system until you inbreds moved here! For it’s always been one of the finest in the country! And if you had been raised here, you’d know it!
    But again, Billings Gazette and the Bozeman Chronicle have both written excellent editorials. And it’s about time! It’s time to call the inbreds out! They have had a free ride for far too long! Fart Twittich, Jabba the Assman, and ALL their inbred minions are idiots! It’s not wrong to point this out! NONE of us thinking people here in our great state need to tolerate their bullshit any longer! If nothing else, as one article pointed out, it’s a complete waste of time!
    Our democracy is predicated upon all parties acting in good faith. The inbreds are simply acting like assholes! For that is what they are! And that’s just rude! That’s the kinda behavior that gets you clocked in a bar!The Chronicle called their bills goofy. Well, no, it’s NOT just their bills! These teatard assholes are goofy too!
    Call’em out, boys! The teatards love to scare people with how tough they are. Well, I’ve been whizzin’ in their Cheerios for some twenty-five years or so and I have YET to have one of these weenies try anything! They’re all cowards! Call’em out and they wet themselves!
    Keep it up, news guys!
    Sadly, the GF Spitoon still sucks. It’s a pathetic piece of crap. I would call it jr. high quality ex CEPT that I’ve seen to many jr. high papers which are better. Maybe jonny adams, now that he can’t live with the corporate collar on his neck any longer, and now that he finally REALIZES who the real bad guys are in the state, will do some REAL blogging and reporting! And then, he will finally be able to look at himself in the mirror! So what if you starve. That’s better than sucklin’ on the Giantefart member!……… ms. lammpoon! She’s grown fat offn’ the Giantefart member!
    From the Bozeman Chronicle ed.: nailed it! And so does Ehli at the Gazette. He’s a good guy who grew up in Billings.
    HEY, it’s our island, boys!

    “Somewhere along the line, our state Legislature — or at least certain members of it — stopped deliberating on what is best for the state and turned the whole process into a stage for politicians to preen and prance in front of their base with absurd proposals that consume valuable time and money.

    Thinking back, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened. There certainly has always been a certain amount of political posturing that goes in the capitol. But somewhere along the line it crossed over into the laughable.”

    With the Legislature in full swing now, the goofball bills are starting to fly again.

    • A leetle bio from ms. debby does giantfart’s bio. The woman is an idiot! Ms. Lammpoon that is. But by GOD she moved here in 2007, and now she knows Montana! The stupidity and arrogance is astounding!
      My name is Debra Lamm and I am a candidate for State House District 60.

      “I grew up in a small town of 1,400 people in a Midwest farming community, where people worked hard,

      relied on themselves and looked out for their neighbors. It is the same spirit I find in Livingston, Montana.

      My husband Joe and I married in 1987. Together we made the decision to make Montana our home. We started coming to Livingston in the 1990s, made many good friends and started looking for property. We finally found our little slice of paradise in 2007. Living on our RV at the property we began building our home that we designed and built ourselves to fit into the landscape.

      Montana is rich in history, full of treasure in its people and natural resources, but, has lost many of the opportunitiesthat were once so vast and accessible. I am a strong conservationist, but it seems that systematically, out-of-state special interests have all but destroyed responsible development of timber, mining, oil and gas, and now are closing in on hunting and fishing, outfitting, and family ranching – the last remaining industries in Montana”

      Yes, because NOTHING says Montana like a christofascist fundiwackmentalist from a small Midwestern town! In fact, I THEENK she may be writing a book, something like a River of Bullhshit Runs Through It! How apropos!

      I theenk she may not be quite weaned yet offn’ the Giantfart member! And that’s just real sad!

      • p.s. Ehli, Chronicle dudes, it’s OUR island! Ms. debbie does Gianfart’s island is some sh*thole inbred christofascist town in the Midwest! Fight for our state, boys! You’ve just as much right, nay MORE, than these inbred transplants to say how our state is run! No more free rides for the inbreds!

    • Someone call the whaaaambulance! Oh craigy, do try to keep up! Don doesn’t worry ’bout what you inbreds think. He’s kind of a free speech kinda guy. You don’t like what I write? TUFF NOOGIES! Write sumthin’ back in response so I can laff at you! That’s how debate is supposed to work. You write, I laff! I seriously doubt that Don will kick me off this site, for my segment called “fun with inbreds” is really quite popular throughout Montana! True story. Check it out. Everywhere I write the ratings go off the charts! And you inbreds hate that!

      • p.s. craigy, I think that you’re reading me wrong. Take what I write, like the first post in this thread, down the hall to the drama department. What I write needs to be read out loud, for that is the style that it’s written in. It’s a monologue, and a damn good one! Try finding a good dramatic reader to actually READ my posts for you, and you might find the wisdom in them. Send me a tape and I’ll record myself reading my posts for you. And then, you might understand. I think the problem is that you’re just a poor reader! My posts are NOT meant to be read silently. They must be read out loud, with the proper emphasis.

  • Really???? Seriously??? The Wenatchee Panucci has her anti panties in a BIGTIME knot after REAL Montanans tell her to take a friggin’ HIKE back to wherever in the HELL she CAME from! I feel her pain…………..NOT! What a buffoon of a woman! And really, ms. fiddler, you even tried your thugs?? That’s just real dumb…………JUST LIKE YOU, MS. WENATCHEE PANUCCI! HEY! Sometimes the Big Kockh wins, and sometimes you TAKE one for the Big Kockhs! You just done TOOK one for your sugar daddies, the Big Kockhs! Welcome to MONTANA, Wenatchee woman! Now, head your sorry ass BACK to Wenatchee! They want their idiot back!

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