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AFP and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Legislative Session Continues

It started in Kalispell. Earlier this month Americans for Prosperity executive director Zach Lahn got run out of Kalispell by a conservative crowd during an anti-Medicaid expansion presentation. Let’s pause there for a moment and reflect on just how remarkable it is that Republicans in Kalispell were the first to smell the bullsh*t coming from AFP, which was targeting and harassing a Republican legislator.

The Flathead Beacon ran this headline: “Koch Industries-founded Americans for Prosperity gains little traction with Kalispell crowd.” You can read the story here.

The conservative backlash against AFP has spread to other cities in Montana and resulted in equally disastrous presentations for Mr. Lahn. The simple fact is that AFP (based in Kansas of all places) is one of the driving forces behind the GOP divide and frustrated Republicans are taking notice.

AFP’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad legislative session seems to be continuing.

Republican “Doc” Moore spent the week being mocked statewide and nationally for introducing a bill that would have banned yoga pants in public. Yeesh. More rational Republicans saw how embarrassing the bill was and tabled it. AFP is apparently not as politically sophisticated and decided to go all in on the yoga pants.

Sam Loveridge, an AFP representative here in Montana sent out the following Tweet: “Maybe just ban yoga pants for some girls. They’re a privilege, not a right. #mtpol #mtleg”



The Tweet got the attention of the Montana political world, starting with political blogger Montana Cowgirl. And this morning the Montana Democrats used the Tweet to further embarrass the right-wing conservative caucus. “And, in our final homage to the yoga pants fiasco, please see the tweet of the day from an employee of (conservative, extreme organization) AFP Montana. Is it any wonder our Democrats still have to fight everyday for women’s rights?” wrote the Democrats.

The sexism and obtuseness demonstrated by Mr. Loveridge is not surprising – not to mention his all too appropriate use of the word “privilege.” While it may not be surprising, it does illustrate just how big of a headache the Montana chapter of AFP has become for more intelligent conservatives in the Montana Legislature.

Keep up the good work, AFP. We liberals are counting on it.

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