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Now Representative Zinke is Taking Credit for the Work of Senators Tester and Daines on Veterans

Just another story from the Ryan Zinke self-promotion tour, which is expected to last for at least the next two years. In a story from KTVH News, Zinke took credit for trying to pass a bill that will make it easier for veterans to access health care and correct an oversight in federal law that limited access for Montana veterans who lived too far from health care providers.

From KTVH:

This visit is in connection with his legislation “Veterans Access to Community Care Act” which would allow veterans in rural Montana to seek care beyond the VA.

Zinke says he hopes to make it easier for veterans who live more than forty miles driving distance away from the nearest local health care facility to access health care.

Zinke certainly is likely to be a supporter of the bill, but it’s certainly not “his legislation.”  The “Veterans Access to Community Care Act” is a Senate Bill introduced by Senators Tester and Daines, along with Senator Jerry Moran from Kansas. Tester, who has worked on veterans issues throughout his term in the Senate, offered the fix to ensure that veterans who live within 40 miles as the crow files, but further on Montana roads, can receive care at non-VA clinics.

The National Rural Health Association supports the work and thanked Tester for his work:

NRHA applauds your leadership in removing barriers that prevent veterans from accessing health care services, and allows rural veterans to have quality, timely care in their rural communities. This important legislation will go far in helping rural veterans access the health care they need and deserve.

Senators Tester and Daines probably aren’t going to agree often, but it’s refreshing to see them put aside partisan differences for Montana veterans. That Representative Zinke is more interested in dishonestly taking credit for their work than in cooperating to pass legislation is yet another demonstration of the content of his character.

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  • Yes but, it ain’t legit un TIL he puts the Dinky the Barking Seal of Approval on it! Thas the ONLY Seal of Approval that matters any more! The BARKING Seal of Approval! He got bin Laden you know, right after he punched out Jesse Jackson AND Jesse Ventura! And that was right after he gunned down Jesse James! What a man. What a man! A legend in his own mind! Wonder does he luv Jaysus??

  • I think Rep Zinke is sillier than Sarah Palin, but definitely cut from the same cloth. If he would have run for congress in a different state, he would have been laughed off the ballot and the media definitely would have called him out for his lies many, many, many times…He is very similar to that Will Ferrell character in “The Campaign” where the guy is just a dufus throwing around words and catch phrases straight out of the Tea Party book of Etiquette, like they really MEAN something…”take America back” and stuff like that…what does that even mean? Gotta hand it to him though, he must know his target audience cuz that dude got elected!

  • Jus’ let your little inbred light shine, shine for JAYSUS! Cracker Jesus is jus SO proud of his inbred flock! I stole the following from cgirl site!

    February 3, 2015 at 3:03 PM

    “Did you catch what Rep. Laszloffy’s education committee did to a bill to update school immunization requirements (hb 158)? They gutted it and wrote in a “philosophical” exemption to school vaccination requirements. Unbelieveable. Measles outbreak…hello? She and Rand Paul can get together and cough all over each other”

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