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Must Read Post on How Senator Daines Voted on Keystone XL Amendments

Written by Don Pogreba

Definitely take a moment to give a read to the Montana Wilderness Association’s recent post about how Senator Daines voted this week on protecting Montana’s natural environment and heritage.  In sum, his votes represented an assault on the environment and public lands more consistent with the wishes of out-of-state corporate interests than the people who treasure Montana’s natural heritage:

His votes this week also indicated that, once again, he prefers a different approach than the one Montanans have already chosen. Daines instead wants a top-down, one-size-fits all approach that pays no heed to the collaborative work happening on the ground in his state. These votes show that Daines would rather side with a Senator from Alaska and the other extremists in his party than with the people of his own state.

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