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The Climate, It’s A-Changin’. And So Is Ryan Zinke’s Position on It. Again.

Our newest Congressman, when he’s not hiding at the end of the alphabet to bravely cast votes, loves getting himself some of that media attention. You can’t open a crackpot, right-wing web site these days without seeing him telling someone he was a Navy SEAL. The problem for Zinke, though, is that every time he says something to a media outlet, he’s likely contradicting a previously held position. Off all of the Zinke flip flops, there is probably none more entertaining than his realization that a Republican can’t get invited to speak to Fox News or Newsmax if he believes in human-caused climate change. As a result, Zinke now doesn’t believe that humans cause global warming or that it is a security threat.

Given that he’s also blamed volcanoes for climate change, is there a position Zinke hasn’t taken on climate since he became a politician?

A recap below:

Ryan Zinke in January of 2015:

Tonight, Republicans, that freshman rep I mentioned, Ryan Zinke, he says, no, he doesn’t think it’s a national security threat. He doesn’t even think that climate change is manmade.

Ryan Zinke in October of 2014:

Zinke acknowledges climate change and that humans are an influence, but said the research is inconclusive. “You don’t dismantle American power and our energy sources on a maybe,” he said. “You work to make it cleaner.”

Ryan Zinke in August of 2014, when it was the oceans to blame:

But Zinke has his doubts about humanity’s role in climate change; he says rising ocean temperatures have a greater influence.
“The evidence strongly suggests that humans have had an influence on higher CO2,” Zinke said. “However, the evidence is equally as strong that there are other factors, such as rising ocean temperatures, that have a greater influence.”

Ryan Zinke in June of 2014:

Zinke said he is a geologist and that he has seen no scientific evidence that fracking is environmentally dangerous or that climate change is changing the weather. He said that by increasing natural gas production the U.S. has the opportunity to achieve energy independence.

Ryan Zinke in in March 2010:

“Our nation’s most respected military leaders recognize that climate change is a threat multiplier for instability in the most volatile regions of the world. The climate change threat presents significant national security challenges for the United States – challenges that should be addressed today, because they will almost certainly get worse if we delay.

Ryan Zinke in 2008, when he was a “Teddy Roosevelt” Republican:

MCV co-endorsed Zinke, and he was elected. I was proud when he emerged as the Legislature’s most informed, responsible Republican on energy and climate. He was eager to tell me about bringing top military brass to Helena to explain that climate change is a national security issue.

One thing is certain: when we’re all going to need flip flops to wade through coastal cities, Congressman Zinke will be well-prepared for the worst.


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  • The Pubes wanted to put this woman one heartbeat away from the presiduncy. Well, really, when you think about it, what’s worse? Prezidunce Sarah, or congressworm Dinky the Barking Seal? Hard to say. Hard to say. I think it’s a toss up as to who is smarter, Sarah or Dinky!

  • I looooove the one about the rising ocean temperatures!!!! I can hardly wait for his explanation of just what exactly is making the ocean temperatures rise???? Bwahahahaha!

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