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Must Read Op-Ed on the Threat to the Smith

Written by Don Pogreba

Last week, occasional contributor Calamity Jan pointed out that Strategies 360, a Helena-based, progressive-affiliated consulting and political work had signed a contract with Tintina Resources, a Canadian company that wants to develop a copper mine near the Smith River.

Today, Bob Ream explains the danger of that proposal:

Unfortunately, the Smith River is under serious threat from a proposal to build a massive copper mine at its headwaters. Canada-based Tintina Resources, a penny-stock start-up that has no experience with large-scale industrial mining, is investigating the feasibility of a large copper mine on the Smith River’s most valuable tributary, Sheep Creek. Tintina recently partnered with Australian-based Sandfire Resources. The largest and most prestigious university in Australia, Australian National University, recently divested its financial portfolio from Sandfire for its poor social and environmental practices. Is this really a company we want doing business in Montana?

Read his whole piece in the Billings Gazette.


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