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Senator Jennifer Fielder On Why Kids Don’t Need No Education


Senator Jennifer Fielder thinks that young people at the age of 16 are in an ideal position to make a determination about what is best for their lives when it comes to education because FREEDOM. What’s more, they don’t need to stay in school because they can become millionaires by huntin’ and trappin’ off the land.

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  • What a truly disgusting person! She moves here from God knows where, and immediately wants to start PIMPING our beloved Montana to her Kockh brothers benefactors! In Spanish we say Sin Verguenza! In English we say, this pathetic outta stater has NO SHAME! Who the freakin’ HELLo does she think she is?? But this buffoon is the new Pubbie Party in Montana, consisting of outta state pimps who want to please the Big Kockh brothers! Hell, I thought the Dumas closed LONG ago! But apparently Ms. Fiddler wants to reee STORE it to its historic grandeur!

    What a pathetic person.

  • Ugh. Because of course “sitting in a classroom being lectured at” is exactly what all public school experiences consist of. And I’m sure the path from “living off the land” to “millionaire” was a nice straight line, even “decades ago.” Nice.

  • Education as we know it, the Prussian model, is designed to crush curiosity and creativity, teach kids to trust and obey authority. You’re a product of it, Don, and so turn around and pay it down to those below you, knowing no other way.

    I think it in the best interest of the kids, for their intellectual and creative development, to get them out of school and into a real learning environment, as much self-guided as such a thing is possible, that is, with guidance, but to the degree possible allowing the child to progress has his or her own interests and abilities dictate.

    Anyone interested might check out the writings of John Taylor Gatto. The School Sucks Project is a good resource, libertarian in bent but overall highly informative.

    • Yeah right, Dinkus. Every failed teacher thinks that they’re Ivan Ilich! It’s a perverse WMS, Walter Mitty Syndrome! This Gotta dude has it bad. He never rose to his level of incompetency, and it shows! His Peter Principle petered out LOOONG ago. Now, do come back and let’s you and me discus this, mano a mano, for I’ve got you pegged as a preeetender! Spent much time in the classroom didja, cupcake? Where and when???? Well, for the record, I did too! And I simply LUV to destroy pretenders like you, bugnutz! Can I call you Bugnutz? Or should I say MR. bugnutz???
      Ready to deee BATE, lil’ fella? I din’t THINK so! Buh BYE!

      Don Pogregbra is the real deal. He’s MUCH too polite to insult inbred a**holes! But I’m not. I did my time in Nam, and I did my time in the classroom. And I like NUTHIN’ better than a free for all with an inbred!

    • My students, who seem significantly smarter than you, didn’t raise that objection when we read and discussed the two JTG pieces in class this year, but I’ll be sure to ask them if they think my teaching style resembles the Prussian Model tomorrow.

      • Never fails that teachers are not on top of the game, even as the products of our schools are joining the military, going eyebrow deep in student loans and credit cards and mortgages and don’t know Machiavelli from Michael Jackson. And knowing you as I do, I find it hard to believe that you turn out a product that is in a higher mental state than you.

        Anything is possible. But I choose to remaind highly skeptical.

        • Nice try, but we cover Machiavelli in my class, too. Your dismissal of the intellectual abilities of students you haven’t met is just more sad reflection of your deeply narcissistic personality. I think they’re pretty damn extraordinary as thinkers and people.

          You, on the other hand, might want to actually read some John Taylor Gatto instead of the back cover of the books. He’d be pretty skeptical of anyone who thinks education is about teachers trying to “turn out a product,” as am I.

        • “And knowing you as I do, I find it hard to believe that you turn out a product that is in a higher mental state than you.”

          Ah, cupcake! You done stepped in it BIG time this time, great pretender! Would you like a list of some of MY former students??? I’ll gladly provide that to you. But first, a list of YOUR former students in is order! You lose….again! But you’re used to that. You’ve got nuthin’, and it’s painfully obvious!
          I think that this moron may be another incarnation of Mark Buttinski.

          • That was me, LK. But for the great pretender, a leetle music to fit his “writing”!, such as it is.

  • Wow. Ms. Fiddler is all over the map! She’s gonna bring JAYSUS to us heathen Montanans even if we don’t want Him! Hard to believe so much hatred and arrogance can be packed into one person! How does that happen anyway? What sort of life experiences has this outta stater moron had that caused her to move here and bring her special brand of hatred to Montana? I don’t get it. Cracker Jesus must surely work in mysterious ways!

    • Along those lines, good letter in the GF Spitoon this a.m.

      Time to pass bill

      The proposed Healthy Montana Plan would help provide health care for thousands of low-income Montanans.

      The key word in that sentence is “Montanans.”

      In a feature story in the Tribune on Dec. 28, key Republican leaders in the state Legislature publicly stated their opposition to this important legislation. Why? They don’t care about Montana; they are worried about the federal government.

      The role of a Montana state legislator is to do what is important for the citizens of the state of Montana — all Montanans — including those less fortunate, and not to worry about what the federal government is or is not doing.

      Unfortunately, we are at a tipping point in our history as a state. Nearly half of our state legislators are not from Montana but are people born outside of the state.

      This changes everything.

      These individuals are bringing with them values, principles and moral beliefs that do not reflect Montana’s rich heritage.

      Based on our diverse foundation of Native American spirituality and Christian beliefs, true Montana values reflect the verse, “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

      Montana has an opportunity, through the Healthy Montana Plan, to provide health care to 70,000 low-income Montanans.

      The question is, are we Montana enough? Or will we be influenced by outside values that do not care for the “least” within our communities?

      — Rosalyn LaPier, Missoula

  • Ms. Fiddler’s folks, the nutcase Kristeeeyo wackos from the covenant chuch in Whitehall. What a bunch-o-fruitcakes!
    “The involvement of the civil authority in the education of children is unbiblical and therefore is to be despised by Christians.”

    “Parents are given the responsibility to train and educate their own children. This education is for the purpose of preparing children for productive service in the kingdom of God and the extension thereof. It may be accomplished individually or through cooperation with other families. Covenant Cmmunity Church stands ready to assist members in physical or spiritual support toward this end.”

    You see, these maroons think that public education is unbiblical! Too funny. That’s why I see little madrassa skuuls springing up all over the place, even here in GF. And that’s just real sad.

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