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Now Congressman Zinke Wants to Invade Twitter

Congressman Zinke is one war-lovin’ guy. Although the Montana media refused to report that he wanted to invade Mexico to rescue one arrested former Marine, perhapds they’ll report that he wants to declare war agains ISIS because they may have vandalized an American military Twitter account.

In what seems to be a non-stop cycle through winger news outlets, Zinke dropped by for an interview with Breitbart News, telling the factually-challenged outlet that we need claim that the Twitter attack was “an act of war” by ISIS, even though we don’t know they were behind the hack, and “go on the offensive”:

Rep. Zinke told Breitbart News that state-sponsored cyber attacks should be considered acts of war. He believes ISIS has the capability to carry out a cyber attack against the U.S.
“We all have to remain vigilante and understand this enemy is an enemy of ideology and they’re not going to beat us, but we have to put them on the run and stop this playing defensive on our part,” proclaimed Zinke.

Zinke falsely claimed that CENTCOM was “hacked,” presumably assuming that the US military runs classified national security information on its public Twitter account—the kind of logic you’d expect from someone whose knowledge of Internet security from repeated viewings of the 1983 classic War Games.

The military itself was a bit less apopoletic about what happpened, calling it merely cyber-vandalism that had little impact:

In the meantime, our initial assessment is that no classified information was posted and that none of the information posted came from Centcom’s server or social media sites.

It’s clear that Zinke wants to send American servicemen and women into combat at the slightest imagined provocation, but he might want to work on his pretexts for war a bit more. Some script kiddies vandalizing a Twitter account is hardly justification to send of troops back into another Middle East nightmare.

Update: And Syria. He tells the National Review:

Representative Ryan Zinke (R., Mont.), a Navy SEAL turned freshman congressman, says the fight against ISIS will require a secure border — between Iraq and Syria — which would bisect that region controlled by the terrorists.

“Air operations alone will not be effective against ISIS,” Zinke tells National Review Online. “I do think we need to address, no doubt, isolating the border between Iraq and Syria and that’s a no-fly zone with blocking forces on the ground.”

That would require a greater commitment of U.S. ground forces than President Obama has so far countenanced.

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  • Can I say it? I hate to, but it’s true. The dude has become the new sen. cornhole burns of Montana. In other words, a supreme embarrassment of all things Montana! An Imbecile Runs Through It! Dinky the Barking Seal played WAY too much football without a helmet! Which qualified him to be a Navy SEAL! Short on brains but LARGE enthusiasm! And now, Dinky wants to waste all the perps who PERP his ass!

  • p.s. I think that Baldy Boy, his lt. goober candidate, is STILL giving Dinky advice! You remember Baldy Boy, the dude with his own private CIA! What a couple’a clowns!

  • Oh my, poor ryan. I think the heads of both parties pick their “crazies” to do their dirty work for them and Ryan’s off to a great start!! The party leaders get the ambitious newbies to say things for them that they wouldn’t say themselves as they are too (self) important, or respected (hahaha) or whatever. Ryan’s been taking orders as a government employee, for decades. He’s a good soldier. He’ll always do what he’s told by his superiors. That’s his life. Someone should tell him that the US built the Panama Canal in the 20th century though. He keeps referring to it as having been built by the US in the 19th century. Poor ryan, entertaining? Yes! For the people of MT? C’mon!

  • Rep. Zinke’s incessant touting of his Navy SEAL background dishonors the original frogmen of WWII. The Greatest Generation served with quiet dignity.

    • That’s a fair point, and I knew that. When I bash “the media” in the state, usually I am aiming at the dailies and what passes for TV news, but I should be more precise. Thanks for the reminder.

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