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Our Top Stories for 2014

In some ways, this has been one of the most challenging years here at the blog, but as we head towards our tenth anniversary this July, the 2015 legislative session should provide some fodder for some impassioned (and horrified) writing. Let’s all sharpen our darts for our atlatls and get ready for another year.

5. On Senator Walsh: An Academic Misstep, But Still the Best Candidate for Montana

A person’s ethics are hardly defined by one error in judgment. Walsh has consistently served his state and his values reflect a deep commitment to the interests of the people of this state. I think most Montana voters will see the ethics of a man who put his life at risk in Iraq during a lifetime of military service and give little credence to a matter of appropriate footnotes.

4. Top Ten Things Not Worthy of Editorials Demanding Resignation in Montana

Given that many of the Montana editorial boards have taken it upon themselves to decide political races in Montana by telling candidates to drop out based on concerns about ethics, I wondered what were some of most interesting actions taken Montana politicians not worthy of calls for resignation by the new guardians of public morality.

3. Steve Daines Dumps Ice Water on His Head; Voted to Slash Funding for ALS Research

Steve Daines took to Twitter today to celebrate the fact that he and his son took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to promote awareness and a cure for ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. While it’s great to see so many people getting involved in fundraising for this dreadful disease, it’s important to understand that Steve Daines actually voted to slash federal spending into its research.

2. A Creationist for the Montana Supreme Court? A Review of Lawrence VanDyke

Reasonable people can disagree about matters of theology and science, but a Supreme Court justice has a special obligation to ensure that public schools are places where students are free from religious indoctrination. That creationists have dressed up their religious beliefs about the creation of the universe and given them a new name doesn’t change the fundamental fact that Intelligent Design is not science but faith, belief and not evidence. To argue that schools should be in the business of teaching religious theory in science classes is not only absurd; it’s incredibly dangerous.

1. His Former Commander Exposes Ryan Zinke’s Navy SEAL Career and Defective Moral Makeup

There have long been rumors about Senator Ryan Zinke’s tendency to both exaggerate his role as a Navy SEAL and to underplay the serious ethical violations that derailed his career, but given the privacy afforded those records, it’s always been difficult to detail the truth about Zinke’s career in the military.


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