Senator David Howard Continues to Fixate on The Gays

It really wouldn’t be a legislative session without David Howard posting offensive remarks about someone. During the past few years, he’s posted vile comments about American Indians, African Americans, the President, and potential civil wars, but most of the time, he seems bizarrely, almost suggestively fixated on the problem of “the gays.”

Over the past two days, he’s posted two links on his Facebook page, each suggesting that LGBTQ people are mentally ill, a common theme in his hate-filled, logic-free diatribes.

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It’s been some time since I took a psychology class in college, but I seem to remember some discussion about sublimation, in which a person satisfies an impulse they just can’t act out on by attacking a substitute object, and projection, when one attributes their own “unacceptable” thoughts to another person or group of people. Given that Senator Howard just can’t stop thinking and writing about the “homosexual lifestyle,” especially when he relies on discredited, hack science to do it, one has to wonder if there’s something he’s trying to work out.

One also has to wonder if, now that Mr. Howard is in the Senate, whether the Montana political media will cover his almost unbelievably crude, offensive, and even dangerous rhetoric.

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  • Of course they won’t. OTOH, if he was a Democrat it would be front page headlines. They would be calling for his resignation! Cross-burnings! Run him out of town on a rail! No punishment is too good/bad for the jerk!

    But this is the land of the red-neck and straight-laced cowboys (and I do mean straight). So it’s those gol’durned gays and such that need such things. And our vaunted media quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) agree.

    Sorry about that. Even here in so-called liberal Missoula.

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