Students in Colorado Protest Meaningless Standardized Tests

One of the things that always drives me crazy when student activists protest conditions in their schools or political issues is that adults often dismiss their concerns as irrational or motivated by a desire to simply skip school. This video and letter  from students protesting the pointless and wasteful Colorado Measure of Academic Succcess test, puts the torch to those aspersions, demonstrating that it’s often students who best understand what needs to change about their schools—and that they often make far more rational, research-based arguments than the adults writing the policies.

The students clearly understand that these poorly-designed tests not only do little to measure their educational outcomes, but they do actual damage. They write:

Standardized testing costs valuable teaching and learning time.  Our school is losing eight hours of class time, the equivalent of eight days of a class curriculum, in order to administer CMAS.  This deprives students of time to connect with their teachers and prepare for tests, such as AP and IB exams, which provide students with the opportunity to receive college credit… At this point, we, who value our education and postsecondary readiness, feel that our time has been disrespected by policymakers who treat standardized tests, in which students had no input,  as a fix-all solution to our education system.

Of course, we need to assess the progress of our students. But when tests are consuming weeks of instruction, with little purpose other than to line the pockets of educational companies and give conservatives the tools to demonize our schools, the explosion of standardized tests must be controlled if we hope to focus on the actual education of our students.

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  • Hey, I’m a conservative and I agree that standardized tests are often counterproductive to measuring true learning success. There is still a problem of trying to figure how effective schools are though…

  • I don’t disagree with some testing of students, to be sure. I think that tests like the ACT/SAT and AP are far more valid measures than the tests coming out in the era of Common Core.

    While I am a proponent for the Common Core standards, I worry that bad tests (and too many tests) will scuttle the initiative.

    • Um, jermy, and just WHAT would make you an expert on education?? You attendance at the ASSembly of GAWD??? Sorry, dude, but you are NOT a conservative. Just a wingnut for jaysus! List your creds, jermy. Got any???? Din’ think so.

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