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A Visual Tutorial for Improving #MTPol Discourse

Some of you no doubt follow the discussion of Montana politics on Twitter, where you can get real-time updates about the latest news, the occasional argument, and and even some delightfully snarky humor every now and again. People I’ve encouraged to try #MTpol say that it used to be one of the most enjoyable ways to get breaking news and information about the state’s political scene—and there are some truly delightful characters lurking around it, debating and discussing the future of the state in 140 characters or less.

But today, I have a special offer that will make #MTPol, even better—and it only takes two clicks of your mouse.

Using Tweetdeck, my preferred Twitter software, the process couldn’t be easier.

Step 1. Find the post that manages to combine the most inflammatory and inaccurate information you’ve EVER read.  Often, it manages to use language that even elementary school students know is unnecessarily hurtful and wrong. Don’t worry. One usually comes every 13 to 16 seconds.






Step 2. Click on the three dots on the bottom right corner of the post and find “Mute @BobBrigham in TweetDeck.”


You’ll know you’re done because you’ll feel a visceral sense of relief and know that your discussion on #MTPol, while occasionally spirited, won’t devolve into what feels like the endless tantrum of an entitled child pissing himself just to get attention from a world that could not be less interested.


For other more general advice, consider reading this post at MT Cowgirl.

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  • I don’t think you can tell when someone mutes you, can you? I had to do the same with Bob Brigham this year. He likes to throw out comments, but he’ll only respond once, MAYBE twice to defend them. His entire arguments are no more than 320 characters long, not enough to be informative or reasoned in a way that might make up for how blatantly offensive they are.

    • After you do social media for awhile you begin to realize, ‘hey, I can keep pissing in the wind and put stuff out there that directs nowhere, or I can start putting these thoughts up on my own site in a more sensible, clearheaded, and results-producing way.’

      Social media is almost a waste of time if you don’t have anything to direct those links back to. Sure, you can inform people by pointing them to newspapers, and that makes you a good curator. But you’ll always be a middle man.

      So many GOP social media folks are content being middle men. Alright, there’s maybe one or two GOP blogs, but again, they’re using pen names…something that just doesn’t work out well long-term with social media, and remember, social is only trying to sell something or get you back to where it’s sold, at the least.

      Democrats know this and they have the infrastructure in place to direct that social traffic, thus producing long-term results.

      Again, Republicans will say this isn’t important in a state like Montana. Let them.

    • You truly are a pathetic little asswipe of a man! Maybe it’s time to post a few of your great book reviews! They really are quite funny!

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