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The Great Falls Tribune Clarifies Some Letters. Some.

Representative Steve Daines

The other day, Jackie Brown at the Western Word pointed out an odd decision by the editor of the Great Falls Tribune. Following a letter criticizing Steve Daines for claiming to be a “fifth generation” Montanan, the Tribune’s editor added this note:

Editor’s note: Daines was born in Van Nuys, Calif., but he grew up in the Bozeman area and graduated from Montana State University in his hometown with a chemical engineering degree.

Today, this reasoned letter about the Common Core was published, with no such clarifying note. It includes this fact-based passage:

Common Core’s roots began in a socialistic/communistic agenda-driven environment. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just a concerned American citizen, cringing as I watch our Constitution trampled upon, our sovereignty destroyed and our children turned into brainwashed non-thinkers who will become dependent on government.

No editor’s note explaining that socialism and communism are distinct ideologically, that the Common was approved by individual state education boards, that teacher did help write them, and no suggestion that concerned readers visit the Montana Office of Public Instruction’s very useful “Myths vs. Facts” about the Common Core.

If the Tribune is suddenly in the business of adding editor’s notes to inaccurate letters to the editor, I expect the nonsense about global warming they regularly publish is about to undergo serious change. If not, I think the Tribune’s editor should realize he’s probably done enough to help Steve Daines already.


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