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Immediate Reaction to Walsh Withdrawal from the Race

First, thank you, Senator Walsh, for your service to Montana and the nation. You’ve devoted your life to the service of others, and I know you’ll continue to do that during the rest of your term and back here in Montana once you get the hell out of Washington.

Second, I’d like to draw attention to these throwaway lines at the end of Chuck Johnson’s piece about Walsh’s resignation:

In the Senate, Walsh was the only Iraq combat veteran and was a leading critic in the Senate of reengaging in Iraq.

He introduced the Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act, a bill that drew bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House.

Walsh had another bill to create an independent Commission on Care to examine the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in response to reports of delayed and inadequate care at the VA. Obama signed the bill into law Thursday.

And Congressman Daines:

Daines introduced 0 bills that became law in 2013.

At least Denny Rehberg named some Post Offices. Senator Walsh did more for the people of Montana in a few months than the likes of Steve Daines will do in year or decade in Congress.

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  • Time to give the military fetish a rest. Ya wanna know a secret? NO ONE I know gives two shits about the military! They just want a job and sumthin’ to eat! And maybe some health care. SCREW the all volunteer military! When they went all volunteer, they STOPPED being our military and became the plaything of politicians like bush and his dick, cheney!

  • Larry, please. This is your argument: the government shouldn’t take care of former employees because MiLiTAry-INduSTrial-COMPLEX (~drool slobber~). Walsh did some good in the Senate, but he was a lousy candidate. He’s out of the race now, so let it go.

    • Screw you, Whailey. This ain’t your blog, dufus. Last time I checked, I didn’t need to run my opinions about the military by you! You didn’t serve, so STFU! End of story. You have NO idea what you’re farting about! I will not stop criticizing the military industrial complex because it hurts your feelers! Grow up.

      • Larry, I’m not the one who just called on the government to break promises made to employees. That isn’t military worship, dipstick, it’s common decency.

        And since you constantly challenge people with whether or not they “served”, I’d suggest that one of us has a hard on for the military, and it ain’t me.

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