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Ryan Zinke’s $200,000 Hollywood Makeover


By now, you’ve probably read that the Zinke for Congress campaign has
managed to spend itself into debt
, despite raising more money than any other campaign for Congress. What that says about a candidate who promises he’ll bring fiscal discipline to Washington is one thing, but just how he’s spending it is another altogether. It seems that Mr. Zinke wants to spend campaign donations on lavish dinners for himself, some questionable political advice, and his very own Hollywood makeover.

Despite talking in every ad about how he’s a third-generation Montanan, Zinke has d5041dbc_ospent $191,596 on a Hollywood image consultant called Strategic Perception who has worked for the likes of Station Casinos and Christine O’Donnell. In fact, their best-known ad is probably the one in which O’Donnell earnestly declared that she was not, in fact, a witch. Presumably, Strategic Perception was hired to make Montana voters realize that Ryan Zinke was, in fact, a Navy SEAL and someone who enjoys earnestly strolling through the woods.

The rest of the report, which I will detail later, has some excellent expenditures that speak well to Zinke’s judgment, like:

  • A truly astonishing amount of money for meals and hotels across the country.
  • $420 cab fare in Washington D.C.
  • $778 for valet service at a Jacksonville, FL fundraiser
  • $265 for vehicle registration in Flathead County
  • a massive amount of money to advertise on Facebook and Twitter.

Senator Zinke wants Montana voters to believe that he’s one of them. Should it really take a Hollywood makeover to do that?

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  • Oh my gosh!! He is just full of surprises. Look at this link and gaze upon The Homepage of this company, Strategic Perception, and you tell me, is Ryan Zinke interested in relating to and representing the people of Montana? or Washington DC? The funny thing is, as hard as he’s trying to be so cool and sophisticated, he’s still just a bumbling, stuttering, big, goofy, funny looking guy who really has trouble putting a thoughtful sentence together, unless it’s rehearsed. What a waste of these poor donor’s money who think they’re paying for something other than that!!!

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