Daines Continues to Distort His Record on Veterans

Representative Steve Daines

It’s been fascinating watching the Daines Senate campaign’s advertising strategy this summer: in their effort to disguise Daines’s thin record of achievement in Congress, his advertising people seem to alternate between unfair, untrue attacks on Senator John Walsh and ads that manage to show just how little Daines has done.

The latest ad, called Injustice, uses the latter strategy. In it, Daines takes credit for getting some headstones placed on the graves of Montana servicemen at the Veterans Cemetery.

Of course, the ad is typically misleading. First, it doesn’t mention the work of Senator Tester, who initiated the process of securing the headstones for the servicemen; nor does it mention that Senator Tester got national recognition for the Veterans Cemetery in Laurel. It’s a bit more than unseemly for Daines to take credit for the work of Montana’s entire delegation, but it underscores just how little he has accomplished in his first term in Congress. In fact, as of November, only four of the eight deceased veterans in Laurel have received headstones–according to Daines’s Congressional web site.

The ad also underscores just how little Daines has done for living veterans and members of the armed services. In fact, his commitment to reactionary budget policy has dome real damage to them. In his short time in Washington Daines:

  • has voted against pay increases for the military.
  • voted against improving veterans’ health services.
  • voted against ending the backlog in compensation for disability claims.
  • voted to shut down vital government services for veterans.
  • won’t commit to support the Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act.

It’s wonderful that the Montana Congressional delegation worked to commemorate the lives of those who served in our military with respectful burials, but even more important that Montana’s next Senator work with Jon Tester to improve health care, services and pay for our active duty military and veterans. Steve Daines has shown that he simply won’t do that. Senator Walsh has been–and will continue to do so.

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  • Securing headstones in for veterans in Beaverhead county is done by the tireless effort of Brundage funeral home director for our county Ron Briggs and his wife Julie. 

    Just goes to show you. it doesn’t take a Representative Daine’s to do it. But your right Don….Daine’s has been riding Testers coattails on everything except Testers forest Bill…. Trust me  after today Jon won’t let him ride his coattails any longer…. that letter Daines signed along with a bunch more GOP stating they wont help our forest lands pretty much killed Jon”s Bill

    Daine’s burnt his last bridge

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