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ICYM Montana Politics Weekly for July 12, 2014

  • “A study of federal land management problems in Montana roiled a legislative panel Wednesday, as some members said the report has a “hidden agenda” of transferring ownership of federal lands to the state.

    “This state is not for sale,” said Rep. Bill McChesney, D-Miles City. “This state cannot afford to assume ownership of federal lands. … I think there are hidden agendas here. I’m just going to say it.”


  • “On the Fourth of July the old red, white and blue looked a little more tattered compared to the past.

    Thanks in great part to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), John Q. Citizen, the human being citizen who is the bedrock our unique experiment in self-governance, is being replaced by John Q. Corporation.”


  • “Here’s a better idea: How about shock collars? That way, when some of those expensive suits are out in a hallway being interviewed by Fox News or MSNBC or whomever about their latest pet peeve or partisan strategy to undermine the other guys, they can be startled into action and reminded in a very noticeable way that they’re supposed to be working.
    There are still some decent and hardworking members of Congress, but not nearly enough of them to fix the situation, and increasing numbers of them are retiring or getting fed up and quitting. It’s no wonder the U.S. electorate is so disillusioned and discouraged about the state of the country. Let’s hope enough voters actually start “throwing the rascals out” at the ballot box. Then maybe we can start over and elect folks who will dedicate themselves to serving the country instead of serving themselves.”


  • “”The related costs have to be weighed against that benefit,” Nelson said of stable prices. “If they’re stable at the top of a range, they’re simply no bargain.”

    If the sale goes through, NorthWestern’s 342,000 electricity customers will see an immediate rate increase of about 6.2 percent, Brogan said Tuesday. That would add about $5 to an average customer’s electric bill each month. That amount would be on top of a recent 6.4 percent rate hike.

    The dams, which are on the Missouri, Madison, Flathead and Clark Fork rivers and West Rosebud Creek, were built from the 1940s to the 1960s. They were owned by the Montana Power Co. until PPL bought them during deregulation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Combined, the 11 dams have capacity to generate 633 megawatts of electricity, or as much as a large coal-fired power plant.”


  • “He said he waited until the last minute to file the proposal because of a similar last-minute anti-marijuana imitative effort run by Safe Community, Safe Kids in 2010, but it also failed to get the needed signatures. He said the 2010 group, led by Cherrie Brady, also of Billings, got an estimated 24,000 signatures in a week, but fell short.”


  • “We have an update now on a story we brought you early last week regarding a local coffee kiosk that’s being adversely affected by a new Burger King being put in by former Congressman Denny Rehberg.

    The owner of the Black Anchor Coffee Kiosk in Kalispell told us that despite claims made by attorney’s representing BSK Kalispell, she has a legal right for her shop to sit where it is.”


  • “This decision will have real implications for real people – and not only employees themselves, but also the children and families of employees. And with the definition of “closely held corporation” applying to more than 90 percent of businesses in the United States, and with such companies hiring more than half of the American workforce, this may affect far more women than initially understood. Women’s health decisions should be up to us and our doctors, not our bosses.”


  • “Where has Mr. Fox been when all the dark money began pouring into the state to bribe legislators? Americans For Prosperity, which is a tea party organization, is funded primarily by the Koch brothers, the super wealthy “elite” oil barons. These people and others like them want to do away with every social welfare system we have, and heavily influence everything they can to take away our freedoms one by one.”


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  • There was a sci-fi movie in the 90s.  Prisoners had collars and if they got more than 100 yards from their “collar partner” then their head and their partner’s head would explode. The thing is, they didn’t know who their partner was until the collars started beeping, something that happened when an explosion was imminent.  

    It really cut down on unnecessary travel.

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