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Zinke Campaign Says It’s Not Breaking Campaign Finance Laws “Right Now”

Written by Don Pogreba

In light of yesterday’s story about a proposal from John Lewis to impose a cooling off period to prevent the kind of absurd Super PAC to Congress pipeline Ryan Zinke is trying to run, the Zinke campaign offered this peculiar defense to the Montana press:

Zinke was traveling on Tuesday and unavailable for comment. His spokeswoman, Shelby DeMars, called any proposal by Lewis to reform Washington politics hypocritical because Lewis took advantage of that political system for years as a longtime aide to former U.S. Sen. Max Baucus.

“There is no relationship between SOFA PAC and Zinke. We can’t coordinate right now” DeMars said.

I would guess that a spokeswoman for a Congressional campaign would choose her words very carefully when crafting a response, making the assertion that coordination “right now” is impermissible all the stranger. When did the Zinke campaign think it could coordinate with the Super PAC?

It seems even the paid communication staff for Senator Zinke knows just how absurd his claims of independence from the Super PAC he founded, led, and profited from really are.

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