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Ryan Zinke: Errand Boy for Halliburton and the Oil Industry

I was surprised during yesterday’s Congressional debate when Ryan Zinke openly said that he would be the candidate who looked out for the interests of multinational oil companies, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. He’s open about it—and enjoys throwing fellow Republican Steve Daines under the bus while talking about it. Apparently, both men were representing Montana at the Montecito Country Club near Zinke’s house in  Santa Barbara, California.

In this video from the Gallatin County Republican Women’s meeting, we see Zinke at his best, defending his out of state money and attacking other Republicans.

Aside from the naked admission that Zinke is running to represent the interests of Big Oil, Halliburton, and Big Coal, the most interesting element of the video has to be Zinke’s temperament: he’s simply someone who doesn’t believe anyone has the right to question him at all.

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  • By the time this campaign is done, both men will be swimming in money from outside Montana.That’s necessity, a false issue trotted out on occasion for dissembling purposes.

    I was more interested in Zinke’s mannerisms and affectations. That seems to be the purpose of the video. The man asking the questions is obviously a Democrat plant, a shill, and the purpose of the video seems to be to highlight Zinke’s mannerisms and affectations. He’s going to have to go through some intensive training to get through this campaign. His eyes dart about, his hands move too much, and his upper embody rocks back and forth.
    Seal training involves dehumanization, destruction of the individual personality and replacement with a group slave. They are also conditioned to ignore human suffering, so as to make them efficient killers. I am getting a chill watching him, as he is not human.

    Still, I’ll take a trained killer over a Baucus man, any day.

  • Wow!  Just wow!  HERE’S a pathetic barking seal that is completely unemployable!  The dude went from football scholarship, to the military/gummint tit, to the House gummint tit!  Or so he wants too!  THIS IS FREAKIN’ PATHETIC!  I suggest an intervention. Yes, an intervention.  We must do it for his own good.  Poor barking seal has become ADDICTED to the money tit!  First college, then gummint, now KOCKH brother tit!  He needs our help!  It’s as much of an addiction as booze or drugs or sex!  The dude NEEDS it!
    Therefore, I’m suggesting that we not elect zinke for his own good!  The dude needs to get a real job for a change, one that does NOT come with a guaranteed tit check every month!  One subject to the whims of the market and his own abilities.
    And really, Haliburton???  Is there a more sleazy operation out there than Haliburton?  If there is, I’ve never heard of it!  It’s as sleazy as the dick, cheney himself, the founder!
    .  You’ve got what it takes.  No sense of history, nor a conscience. You’re the perfect Pubbie!

  • Zinke is an archetype.  He’s just old enough to represent the first generation in American history that has totally lost any sense of history!  And it shows.  He thinks that Murca started with his birth.  It’s all he knows.  And that’s real sad, but that, unfortunately is the future.  He actually BELIEVES that corporate fascism is America because he’s been a part of it for a long time now.  It’s who he is.  And that’s real sad.
    So, wave that flag, barking seal, and pretend that Haliburton, the oil cheese balls, and the insurance industry is what makes America great!  Let that be your own personal fantasy on the way to your ill-gotten riches. 
    Sad, so sad, that this is what passes for a politician now days.

  • Larry Kralj When was it ever different? I’ll give you some names I admire, and you can add to it, but they are few in between a long list of scoundrels and poseurs: Tom Towe, Jonathon Motl, Bill Kennedy, Walt Lesniak, CHet Blaylock, hmmmm. ok. Done.

  • Eeew, he’s just so hard to look at listen to. The worst. And that’s really saying something. Since politicians are generally unappealing, unattractive, untruthful and lacking in any sort of swag or social graces, being the worst is quite an accomplishment. Okay, Mitch McConnell is more unattractive and even dorkier. But off the top of my head, Zinke’ll be a close second if he makes it Washington. How embarrassing.

  • So he’s corrupted, unethical, and robotic.(and am alcoholic), I hate zinke yet Lewis is a Baucus skeleton. Oh and I met Matt Rosendale one time, anecdotal sure, but we chatted in line and he bought me a sandwich. The only candidate not in it for $ in my opinion. So keep ragging on stinky zinke pogreba. You’ll be a blog writer he’ll be on congress representing you.

  • Color me a bit confused, but this happened at the Montecito Country Club near Zinke’s home in Santa Barbara?

    I thought he was running to represent Montana.  Having lived in Santa Barbara I can assure you all that it ain’t anything like MOntana, and I thought you had to be a resident of the state you plan to represent.

  • I think HE actually is a resident of Montana. I believe it’s his wife’s mothers house that his wife and her sons live in, in Santa Batbara. I think the more interesting question is how was MRS ZINKE able to vote in MT as evidenced by the photo on Zinkes FB page on voting day. By Zinkes own admission, his wife has lived in CA since last year ( and plans to move back to Whitefish in August with her family. I don’t know how she has circumvented CA law and NOT obtained a CA license, you have 21 days according to CA DMV. You have to have a MT drivers license to vote in MT and you can’t have both. Food for thought.

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