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Dark Money’s Art Wittich Fires Off Another Reasonable Letter


It’s a real tragedy watching the civil war ripping through the Montana Republican Party. The latest salvo comes from Senate Majority Leader and dark money master Art Wittich, who wrote to the Missoulian:

I just read retiring Great Falls Rep. Jesse O’Hara’s angry hit piece about my decision to run for the Montana House instead of Senate. While it makes the Democrats happy to see Republicans name-calling, one must ask why O’Hara cares about my race in the Gallatin Valley?

Easy. O’Hara is the most liberal Republican legislator, and must be the designated hit man by a few in the left wing fringe of the party, who all consider me Political Enemy No. 1 because of my conservative record. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that Republican philosophy differs from our real opponents, the Democrats.

That is why they organized a corporate PAC to take out conservatives in the primary. They should be happy, not critical, since they can now spend (waste) their money on races other than mine. So the irony in O’Hara’s letter is delicious. Their PAC launders dark money to then complain about dark money

Wittich, who ran from a primary challenge in his Senate District, wants voters to believe that he switched houses to be a “more effective” legislator. The truth, of course, is that Montana Republicans are starting to see just how destructive and reactionary the policies of the Wittich-Priest-Kerns crew truly are and many of them would like to move back into conservative, but reality-based politics.

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  • Yesterday I learned at Cowgirl, which you link here, that Tester’s Dark Money came from the League of Conservation Voters, and so is not tainted at all. It seems that the investigation stopped there, and no one has asked who the LCV is fronting for. That’s how Democrats roll.

    I just Interjected that because you get all holier-than-thou about Dark Money when your people swim in it too.

    Eesh. Makes my skin crawl.

    As you were.

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