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Steve Daines Opens Up Shop for Huge Donors

It sure doesn’t take Steve Daines long to find new opportunities to gather massive donations for the super-rich for his campaign. Just weeks after the Supreme Court issued its McCutcheon decision, which struck down limits on donations to party committees, Daines joined a group of Senate Republicans eager to get their hands on some sweet, unaccountable cash.

On April 15th, a group of 19 GOP Senate candidates, including Steve Daines, formed one of these giant new PACs. The Huffington Post reports:

Republicans registered their 2014 Senators Classic Committee on April 15, linking together 19 Republican candidates for Senate under one fundraising umbrella. The committee will be able to accept donations as high as $98,800 in one fell swoop from a single donor — twice as much as what was allowed prior to the Court’s ruling.

Bob Biersack, writing for the Open Secrets blog, explains why the McCutcheon ruling is so damaging to elections:

That would come to at least $1.2 million that one individual could give directly to parties in a cycle, plus nearly $2.5 million that could go directly to candidates, plus some uncertain amount sent to other PACs. And that doesn’t count whatever the person chose to give to super PACs and shadow money nonprofits. Both types of groups can continue to accept millions from a single donor to feed their efforts to elect or defeat federal candidates.

How might this work? The most popular way to get big checks from single donors so far has been through joint fundraising committees, which allows candidates to band together with parties and sometimes others to ask donors for one check that represents the limit to each of the participants. The Court’s action today likely will mean a surge in new joint fundraising committees and changes in existing ones to add many new participants so that a single check from a donor can surge past the $52,600 or so that is common today.

It’s too bad that Representative Daines doesn’t act with such haste when it comes to visiting Montanans affected by forest fires, opening our national parks and restoring vital services, or even putting a calendar online for constituents. The only thing that seems to get Steve Daines moving quickly is the prospect of more cash from the people he’s paid to represent in D.C.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

About the author

Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • So why aren’t Walsh, the MDLCC, and other supporters of Montana coming out against this? Why is no one shaming this man?

    Steve Daines does not care about Montana, this is obvious. If you don’t make money hand over fist, he doesn’t care about you. And if you don’t give him money now, he will never care about you.

    Why should he? Why should Daines like Montana and the people here? Can anyone point to anything he’s done, any legislation he’s passed, or any huge amounts of federal funds that have come into our communities because of his tireless work in Washington?

    I sure can’t, and…it’s alright, don’t worry…I don’t think you’ll find anything either.

    The simple reason is because there is nothing to point to, there is no money coming, and there’s not a bone in that man’s body that cares about you or I.

    Daines’ only goal is to increase the amount of money the wealthy have so that they can bail out when the time comes to leave this country on the side of the road in the ditch. They’re doing an extraordinarily good job of it right now, and if you help elect Daines, their work will be so much easier.

  • Too much ‘dithering’ about with Dems, and by the way, Zinke was ‘sprouting’ all over Great Falls I hear, I guess he’s trying to seduce
    the anti-Obama ‘vet’ vote and airbase population. “Whiney’ Stapleton’s been running ads of himself standing next to a tall, wire fence in front of train-cars, attacking the President as a Liar and
    destroying our Nation, real ‘cl..ASS’ act!

      • Pubbie values. Sometimes, to be a good Pube and patridiot, you don’t even need to go to WAR with the hated gummint you don’t recognize anyway to steal land! You just steal it from your elderly neighbors!

        craigy, DEM equivalent please! Weed? Wanna take a stab at justifying Pubbie values? Better not get too senile, dude, or your neighbor just might take YOUR land too!

        Sin verguenza is the motto of the ReePube party!

        p.s. There’s a good article in a back issue of the Christian Science Monitor on lil’ giantfart, stevey daines and the Giantfarts themselves. Seems that lil’ giantfart stevey really is NOT what he claims to be! He really didn’t do much of what he says he’s done! His accomplishments are very, very minimal as far as his business record goes. He has GREATLY exaggerated his meager accomplishments!

        Now, if we had a real press in this state, they would do their jobs! Adams???

        • Way to dig deep of Steve’s past there Scary.

          Next thing you’ll discover he’d never ran a business before, voted present most the time as a legislator, and sole job outside politics involved community organizing.

          • Pretty much spot on, Weed. The dude’s a dink who INHERITED everything. He did NOT do anything great in the business world. I’m trying like hell to get ahold of that article. I’ll get back with you.

          • WOAAAAAAH!Hold your darn HORSES just a minute there, FUAX news! Tell your blonde bimbos to reign it IN just a wee bit!

            But this is seriously funny. Really. This is SERIOUS humor!

            You see, you’ve prolly ALL heard of the bungee cord, right? You can bungee jump with the damn thing fercrhissakes! And it’ll snap you right back to where you were before if it works!

            Well, I’d like to introduce you to the BUNDY cord! Yep. That’s right! If it works, it’ll snap your blonde bimbos right BACK to where you were bee FORE you praised the racist arsehole Bundy for being a patriot!

            This is really funny stuff you morons got there, Weed! But really, why are you racist arseholes worried? What do you get, like ONE percent of the black vote anyway. Why not SUPPORT Clivescum Sumby? You morons got nuthin’ to lose! Take a chance. Go full frontal racist and hope for the best!


          • A NOTHER Bundy Cord! If you’re gonna be a racist arsehole and jump, you BEST have your Bundy Cord to snap your sorry arse back! Think I’m kiddin’? I used to call it whizzin’ backwards, but Bundy Cord works SO much better! Watch Sean Han Twitty Bundy Jump!


            btw, WHEN o when will little slander man, craigy, come on and defend his Pube buddies? I can’t wait!

          • OH MY GOD! I received a transcript of Saint Clivescum Scumby’s remarks! As follows:!

            “And I’m gonna tell you sumtin’ bout them neegros, neegras, and neegritos! They are ALMOST as fat as my offspring, almost! For you see, my kids been a’suckin’ off’n Unca Sugartit for a looong time now. And they’ve grown fat and healthy off’n the grass I STEAL from Unca Sugartit, JUS LIKE THEM NEEGRAS and their little NEEGRO WELFARE CHILLEN!

            I mean, jus’ LOOK at my fat little daughter! She’s a number one grade A pork chop! Jus’ like them little Neegro chillin’!

            That is a rough transcript, but captures the spirit of Clivescum and his ReePube/Teat party!


          • Guilty as charged Scary. Of thought crimes.

            Load up the BLM snipers in the copters and Humvees. We got us some ranchers and protesters to kill.

            Bonuses for killing women with babies in their arms.

    • It is interesting to watch you partisans, as each of you is guilty of what you accuse the other of doing, and you project all your corruption on the other.

      Democrats actually say that they only engage in corrupt finance becasue Republicans do it, and the interesting thing is that they really believe this.

  • bunch of old fart pots calling the kettle black in typical partisan fashion. Not sure if its sad or funny…..both??

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