Matt Rosendale Releases a Familiar Ad

For another candidate, it would seem irresponsible to release an ad featuring the candidate shooting down a (presumably) government drone while railing about the “too big” federal government while there’s a standoff ongoing between lawbreaking militiamen and federal law enforcement in Nevada, but no time is better for Maryland’s Matt Rosendale, who released this ad today:

Interesting as that this, it seems that Rosendale was inspired by this ad supporting Libertarian Dan Cox from 2012:

Rosendale: he may not be creative, but he’s a militia man.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • This ad is crazy! This is the same guy who says that teaching sex ed in school will lead to 13 year old girls having sex and now he’s shooting phantom drones? I guess that’s what they do in Maryland!

  • Jon Stewart had a spoof about candidates shooting guns in their political ads. Maybe Rosendale got his idea from Jon!

    • As a veteran, I’m no fan of NSA, government surveillance, etc, like drones flying over my pastures or trying to control dust, but that mistrust shouldn’t
      paralyze our whole nation with hate thoughts and speech against our President and the needs of the working poor by trying to deny healthcare, medicaid expansion, etc.

  • I think ‘rosy’ has ‘shot his wad’ and his ‘holy, holy, I’m so righteous’ attitude is so contrived, as he tilts his head, and gets all ‘folksy’….has this guy ever SERVED in uniform, other than some para-military ‘shoot drone’ club?

    • Hmm. I wonder, doesn’t this violate the Montana Pubbie’s “code of the west”? Things that make you go hmm. Can someone ask Birther Bob if ya see’im?

      • Clivescum Ted Bundy is an idiot. And that’s it. He’ll maybe finally figure it out when his new best friend and cellmate Bubba deflowers ol’ Clivescum! It’s Darwinian. Poor rancher Clivescum Ted Bundy don’t possess the brains to survive! So he’s goin’ down! And that’s the way it should be!

        • UH oh. Somethin’ didn’t seem right here. Who the hell names their kid Ammon?? Well, ONLY a Mormom! Yes, clivesucm ted bundy is a Mormon! And we ALL know how the Mormons did NOT want to be part of the United States at all! They tried like hell to break away and form their OWN country, and tried to do it violently, until the president surrounded Brigham Young’s house with cannons, and told him that IF you try a violent revolt, you’ll be the first to go!

          Time to dust off the history books here. Looks as if the Mormons are up to their old tricks again. They want to STEAL land that does not belong to them. Maybe it’s time for the prez to surround ol’ clivescum’s house again and remind him that THIS is the US of A, pal, and if you don’t like it, LEAVE it!

          Silly bastards down there in Nevada. But I must say that clivescum is making both the Mormons AND the Ag community very proud!

          It’s gettin’ heelarious!

          • The new white, patriotic, Pubbie male! Why wasn’t Rosey palm Rosendale there?? He’s right in there with’em! He moved to Montana, and immediately decided that he wants our state to secede! Wow, what a man! What a man! How do guys like matt, birther bob, gen. Robert E. Skees, and pastor bulbdim figure that they’ve got the right to move here and then secede? I don’t get it.

            But here, HERE’S jonny! Jonny Mack talkin’ Pubbie smack! The new Pube male! What courage it takes to sacrifice your women for the cause! And daughters too! Who SAYS these guys aren’t patriotic? “I regret that I have but one wife to give to my country! (except for the Mormon polygamists!)”

            Really, when you think about it, if ya got a really, really fat dumpy frumpy grouchy old lady, what BETTER way to save the world than usin’ her as a human shield?? It’s a Pubbie death panel! Euthanasia! Of the highest order! Great patriot all! Just so clivescum can continue to scoff the law! And steal public resources!

            Your turn, craigy. They’re your people. Enjoy them!


              • Facts are a terrible thing to waste on an inbred! As I mentioned earlier, folks in the ag/ranching community should be concerned by Clivescum Ted Bundy’s action. He is casting them ALL in a very bad light, especially since all the other ranchers down there complied. Maybe Ted Bundy is plannin’ a NOTHER mountain meadows massacre! Time for the moron Mormons to reassert their right to their own country! Carved out of OUR country! And time once again for the prez to send in the canons to surround little ted bundy’s house! HEY, history repeating itself! That’s all.


                Sorry, Clivescum, but you DON’T get to steal land that belongs to ALL Americans, even them minoritees that you “patridiots” hate! BTW, for the record, have YOUR people been here as long as the blacks??? Think about THAT one for a minute! But don’t strain yourself in the process! EVERY black person in this country has been here a long, long time! Longer than Clivescum I’m sure!

  • Sort of surprise that Don would bring up the Cox ad, but since he did, people might as well have some facts and background information.

    Below are snips taken from a 10/26/11 Helena IR article:

    “A Montana hunting-and-angling group with Democratic ties has made a large TV ad buy rapping Republican U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg for his support of a bill that gives the U.S. Border Patrol access to all federal lands for border-security purposes.

    Calling the bill a “federal land grab of the highest order,” Montana Hunters and Anglers Action bought ads in the Missoula and Billings television markets that urged viewers to call Rehberg and ask him to oppose the bill….

    Land Tawney of Missoula, president of the newly formed group…..Tawney, a senior manager for the National Wildlife Federation , wouldn’t reveal the cost of the buy, but sources told the Lee Newspapers State Bureau that it’s between $200,000 and $250,000….In addition to Tawney, its officers include Democratic state Sen. Kendall Van Dyk of Billings; Barrett Kaiser, a Billings communications consultant and former aide to U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.; and George Cooper, a senior vice president for a Washington, D.C., lobbying firm and former news producer for CNN.”

    Below are snips taken from a 12/27/12 ProPublica article, titled, “In Montana, Dark Money Helped Democrats Hold a Key Senate Seat:”

    “In the waning days of Montana’s hotly contested Senate race, a small outfit called Montana Hunters and Anglers, launched by liberal activists, tried something drastic.

    It didn’t buy ads supporting the incumbent Democrat, Sen. Jon Tester. Instead, it put up radio and TV commercials that urged voters to choose the third-party candidate, libertarian DanCox, describing Cox as the “real conservative” or the “true conservative.”

    Where did the group’s money come from? Nobody knows.

    The pro-Cox ads were part of a national pattern in which groups that did not disclose their donors, including social welfare nonprofits and trade associations, played a larger role than ever before in trying to sway U.S. elections….

    …In October, weeks after forming, the dark money side of Montana Hunters and Anglers, Montana Hunters and Anglers Action!, launched its first TV ad, starring Land Tawney, the group’s gap-toothed and camouflage-sporting president, who also served on the Sportsmen’s Advisory Panel for Tester. At the time, the super PAC side of the group was basically dormant….

    ….No one from Montana Hunters and Anglers returned calls for comment.”

    • Matthew, you add another example of why campaign finance reform is so important; dark money in any form should not be tolerated. That being said, since there doesn’t seem to be a Constitutional Amendment in the offing, I can’t blame Montana Hunters and Anglers for their dark money TV buys: “If you’re gonna wrestle pigs, you’re gonna have to get muddy.”

      Back to Rosendale. Next up he’ll be shooting at homosexual Mexican tree-huggers (who support Obamacare) as they storm the Montana border.

        • And another P.S. At the end of the Rosendale TV spot, he says he’ll “get Washington out of our lives.”

          Would this include federal highway dollars, farm subsidies, the weather service, VA hospitals, Social Security …

          It should be noted that federal dollars account for over 46% of spending in our state’s main budget.

          This guy is clueless.

      • Interesting that when Democrats engage in corrupt politics they are merely “wrestling with pigs.” I recall the closing line from Animal Farm where the farm animals looked through the window into the house and from pig to man and man to pig and found they could. It tell the difference.

        I can’t either.

        • Lay off the sauce before posting, buttinski. You’ll make more sense! At least grammatically!

        • Mark, I like the Animal Farm analogy. You have to admit that the Rosendale TV spot was repulsive and you’d hate to see him in the House. Do you have a candidate we should look at?

  • UH oh. Is Rosey palm dale the new Birther Bob? Another embarrassment to Montana? You see, problem is that sen. conrnhole burns was a supreme embarrassment too, but at least cornhole was folksy and likeable! This new breed of Pubbie imbecile is not. They’re just ugly and stupid. And ya gotta give it to cornhole. He was a great performer. In a debate, he could mangle a talking point AND the English language in about a thousand different ways and still manage to say something that resonated with a lot of folks. I don’t think that ugly and stupid will.

    Rosey palm dale will pick up the outta stater mlisha white supremnit vote. And that’s about it. He ain’t GOT a real constitchincey! Maybe he needs a midget too. Or just be the MENTAL midget he is and hope for the best! That seems to be his plan!

    The new Birther Bob. Rosey, please stop saying you’re a Montanan!

  • We can’t all be as eloquent and breathtakingly attractive as you Larry Vagg. Your insightful contributions reflect how much this site matters to us true Montanans

    • You a “true” Montanan, Sonny? I seriously doubt it since you don’t use your real name. Where you from, lil’ fella?

      And I don’t recall every picking a fight with you, so why the animosity? If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. Simple as that.

      I have never understood why some people would like to get others banned from the blogs. But I’m really not worried that Don will ban me, and I know that that bothers the heck outta guys on the B team like you.

      As far as me being eloquent, why yes, I write well. I’ve paid my dues so to speak. You see, Sonny, to be a good writer, you must write what you know. And I’m old. I know a lot. Hence, I’m able to write with some eloquence and authority. The people that you write about, I KNOW them! That’s all.

      Hope this helps.

      Now, work on getting me banned if you like. It’ll give you something to do!

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