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John Bohlinger Slings More Mud

In a story about the Montana Senate race that reads like campaign literature from Steve Daines, I was struck by this passage from former Republican lieutenant governor John Bohlinger:

With a fair-minded reputation and a grandfatherly demeanor, don’t expect Bohlinger to sling mud at Walsh — “I’m not going to make much about what our differences our … I want to talk about what I’m for,” he says.

But he hits a nerve when he charges that his real problem with the senator is that he doesn’t know what he truly stands for.

“I really can’t comment on his politics because I have not heard him articulate his views on things. I really don’t know where he stands. I think a lot of Montanans would say we really don’t know the guy,” Bohlinger says. “I suppose that somebody will tell him what to say.”

It’s astonishing that Bohlinger would question where John Walsh stands and what he believes in, given that, until six months ago, Bohlinger was a self-identified pro-life, anti-labor Republican who supported John McCain for President, but who now presents himself as a modern day Eugene Debs. In less time than it takes to tie a bow tie, Bohlinger has completely reinvented himself without even the courtesy of explaining why his views changed from that of a moderate Republican. We haven’t seen an evolution in his views; we’ve seen a revolution, and in Bohlinger’s own words, “A chicken does not have the option of declaring itself a conservative and converting itself, or a fellow chicken, into an egg.” Uh.

It’s even more astonishing that Bohlinger would suggest that his campaign won’t be about slinging mud, given the work of his campaign strategist who spent months savaging John Walsh, Steve Bullock, Max Baucus, and every elected Montana Democratic official in what has to be the worst meltdown in the history of Montana political strategy. The entire Bohlinger campaign strategy has been a mixture of pie-in-the-sky proposals and negative attacks on John Walsh.

As for the idea that somebody will tell Walsh “what to say,” should someone who let the worst political consultant in Montana be the only voice for his campaign for months really criticize an opposing candidate for having others speak for him?

That Bohlinger can’t see that his campaign is nothing more than a useful tool for Republicans to use a surrogate to attack John Walsh demonstrates either his incredibly naiveté or his total disconnection from reality. That he’d have the audacity to suggest he won’t sling mud in his campaign after months of doing nothing but is a testament to his deeply cynical campaign.

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  • Very telling when you attack Bohlinger rather than attempt to defend Walsh’s vacuous and conflicting positions.

    Seems Bohlinger struck a nerve. BTW having the folks at Hilltop Public Solutions run Walsh’s campaign makes Wash a non-funny Jeff Dunham puppet Just doesn’t cut it in on the road. Walsh trails somewhere from 13 to 18 points behind Daines. Enjoy as the Hilltop folks make themselves the joke this time.

    • Yes but, fortunately, Greg Giantfart was dumb enough to shine a HUGE spotlight on himself and his Rightwing Now Technologies creationist nonsense. And of course, mini giantfart, lil’ stevey daines, has some ‘splainin’ to do! Maybe YOU’D like to tell us just how old mini thinks the earth is! The luster is off mini giantfart’s four thousand year old earth! All Walsh has to do is run commercials with mini and Jesus ridin’ dinosaurs! It’s game over!

      • When it comes to Walsh Kralj it seems you and Bohlinger are kindred spirits.

        As you wrote at this blog:
        Jesus. What’s a John Walsh? Hell, I remember when Scwheitzer first declared for the senate, no one even knew who he was. It’s the same with Walsh. He’s an unknown. Oh well, at least he will get his name out there for his next run at something. But really, going military??? Talk about pandering to the wing nut patridiot crowd! Is there REALLY no one out there who is qualified that isn’t a lifer? The Dims are desperate. Go nazzi for the win! They’ve been reading too many bumper stickers I guess, like the one I saw the other day. “My kid served in Iraq so that your kid could party in college”. Oh really? No, your kid joined the military because he needed a job and had NO critical thinking skills! Now, Walsh will definitely have bumper sticker appeal. But is there any there there? Muhummad Ali he ain’t! I like my leaders a leetle more principled, for you see, the military industrial complex is NOT the highest good! Sorry bout that.
        ===END QUOTE

        • I kinda like that piece. Still holds true unfortunately, but he’s gotta be better than Mini Giantfart doncha think?

          p.s. I still like John Bohlinger too, but I think that John is kinda like me, we’re gettin’ too old for a six year hitch! Hell, my knees are so bad that I don’t know if I’ll make it through another summer of tree work!

          Kindred spirits? I can live with that.

          Thanks for the memories. And you know, craig, I stand by everything that I write.

          • Many great comments on the Tech commencement debacle, but I particularly like this one, for I understand. My background is the same.

            Beth Lemire MISSOULA, MT

            · 2 days ago
            · Liked 0

            “Graduation is a celebration of the hard work and commitment of students and their supportive families not meant for the theater of the absurd. I especially find it disturbing that a state run university with emphasis on the sciences would ask 2 people (the giantfarts) who would like nothing more than to undermine the public school system and promote their homophobic hate and unproven creation “theory”. Shame on you. Oh, by the way, I went to Catholic schools all my life and guess who taught me Evolution Theory? The Sisters of Mercy!!”

            You see, craig, as I mentioned, when you tape a sign to your OWN back that says, “HEY, look at me! I’m a giant rightwing dumbazz!”, it’s gonna have repercussions for any little mini giantfarts you’ve defecated! And so it will. The creationist, fundiwackmentalist cat is OUTTA the Jesus bag! And it can’t be put back in! Mini giantfart, lil’ runt steve daines, is guilty by association! Mr. giantfart did what the friggin’ PRESS in this state should have done looong ago! He outed himself as the wacko he is! Not real bright I’d say. Guess that Jesus tol’ him to make a HUGE dumbazz outta himself. THANK YOU, LORD!

            HEY, I don’t make the news. I simply report, you decide! I’m Zorro News! (Zorro, shrewd as a fox!)

          • Then you wrote this anti-endorsement Walsh gem.

            Simple. We can do better than a military retread. Look, the dude hasn’t had to worry about missing in a meal in the last thirty years! No health care! Nor a job! He has NOTHING in common with your average Montanan. We can do better. The military is NOT reality, especially here in Montana. Gubmint tit all the way. If you don’t get so fat that they kick you out, you’ve got it made in the shade! I simply do not believe that the military prepares one for anything but being in the military.
            ===END QUOTE

    • Very telling that you are incapable of addressing the substance of the post. In the future, when I post about the Senate race can I just post this comment from you in every time to save you the trouble of reposting it?

      • I have no doubt with the urgency of Walsh’s prospects, and the desperation, quality, and deep level of mud slinging of your own against any contender, you are capable and willing of doing all most anything to keep a sinking ship afloat just a little longer. Sad really.

          • Using women as shields. Hmm. Me THINKS you’re gonna have to dig WAY deep to defend your fellow wingnut, Clivescum Ted Bundy! Poor Clivescum, he’s gonna spend his golden years takin’ golden showers with his new best friend Bubba in the Big House!

            Your pals are NOT the brightest folks out there, craigy.


            Clivescum is gonna disarm the Feds! Hmm. Wow. He’s my new hero!……..until of course his new boyfriend Bubba deflowers him of them bizarre fantasies! Prison will do that to a moron. Just ask the Free Men!……who currently are not real free!

            Sad, so sad. craigy’s group is such a bunch-o-losers!

            • And yes, Clivescum Ted Bundy is a FINE example of an American cattle rancher! Dumb as doggie doo and twice as stupid! I wonder how long the REAL ranching community is gonna put up with this alzhiemeric clown and his militia buddies?! He’s a great ambASSador for American Ag! Screw the gummint. It’s MY land whether I own it or not!

              Not real bright, craigy, not real bright!

        • Craig, Pogie is leveling fair arguments against a candidate he doesn’t favor; logically that means he is supporting an opponent of that candidate. Fair enough. You keep bopping on here to attack Pogie, at his own website, because he’s not attacking his favored candidate, logically because you favor another candidate still and can’t make the argument without asserting your false authority over ‘facts’. Then you pretend you already know how everything is going to play out, and insult the site owner further because he can’t recognize your obvious intellect. That vaunted intellect of yours boils down to only this: Pogie argues against a candidate and you’re “sad” because he’s not making the argument for your candidate for you. In short, he’s being a partisan, and you’re being a douchbag.

          For the sake of the rest of us who recognize clearly that you don’t know everything, could you turn the level of douche down, just a little?

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